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Zest Grangeitz
Zest regular
Character profile
SpeciesHuman (at birth)
Artificial Mage (clone)
Date of birthuncertain
Date of death0067 (original)
0075 (clone)
AffiliationGround Armaments Service (formerly)
OccupationInvestigator (formerly)
ColorYellow orange
SystemAncient Belka
RankS+ (Air) (before death)[1]
DeviceZest's Spear
Japanese nameゼスト・グランガイツ
(Zesuto Gurangaitsu)
First app.StrikerS (ep.6)
Last app.StrikerS (ep.25)
Voiced byMasaki Aizawa

Zest Grangeitz[2] (ゼスト・グランガイツ Zesuto Gurangaitsu) is a character who appears in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS and StrikerS manga. He helps Lutecia Alpine in her search for the Relic number XI.


Zest is named after Honda ZEST.

As a high-ranked Ritter, he also has a honorific title as Knight Zest (騎士ゼスト Kishi Zesuto), just like Knight Carim.


Zest's appearance may be a homage to Sanger Zonvolt of Super Robot Wars.


Zest is a former friend and comrade of Regius Gaiz but was ultimately betrayed by him. While working with Quint Nakajima and Megane Alpine in the investigation of what was known as the Combat Cyborg Incident, Zest ignored an order from Regius to back off the investigation. As a result, the three were killed by the Numbers, and Zest was used as the base for an Artificial Mage. The copy was imperfect in the form of health complications that would eventually take Zest's life, and he took the time he had to hunt down Regius, wanting to know why his team was "sacrificed". In the end, he never got his answer, as Due took the opportunity to kill Regius - however, Zest killed Due in revenge, and chose to die a knight's death at Signum's hands.



Zest in Unison with Agito.

Zest's Device is a nameless spear. He is able to enter Unison with Agito, but their synchronization is worse than between Vita and Reinforce II.

A practitioner of Belkan magic and former S+ rank mage from the Ground Armaments Service, Zest is an extremely capable and powerful mage, and is able to stand his ground against opponents like Vita and Signum despite his degrading health.



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