Yuri Eberwein
Yuri Eberwein GoD
Yuri in The Gears of Destiny
Character profile
Other namesUnbreakable Dark / U-D
Leader of the Purple Sky
Yami-chan (by Hayate/Shamal)
HomeworldOld Belka (?)
FamilyPurple Sky family
ColorBlack (GoD)
Purplish white (movie)
SystemAncient Belka
DeviceSoul Wings
Japanese nameユーリ・エーベルヴァイン
(Yūri Ēberuvain)
First app.Gears of Destiny
Voiced byKana Asumi

Yuri Eberwein (ユーリ・エーベルヴァイン Yūri Ēberuvain) is a character related to the Book of Darkness introduced in The Gears of Destiny.


Notably, Yuri (ユリ Yuri) is simultaneously an unrelated common Japanese female name (meaning "lily"; the term is also used for an ACG genre about lesbian relationships). Eberwein is a German surname, literally translated as "boar wine".

Yuri is also titled the Leader of the Purple Sky (紫天の盟主 Shiten no Meishu), which comes from the Tome of the Purple Sky.

When she is Unbreakable Dark (see below), she is nicknamed by Hayate Yagami and later Shamal as Yami-chan (ヤミちゃん Yami chan).

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Yuri only appears in Gears of Destiny.

Born in the Ancient Belkan ages, Yuri was originally a human. However, due to a program written with the aim of overwriting the Book of Darkness, Yuri was turned into Unbreakable Dark (砕け得ぬ闇 Kudake'enu Yami), aka System "Unbreakable Dark" (アンブレイカブル・ダーク Anbureikaburu Dāku) or U-D (U-D Yū Dī).

When battling Vivio Takamachi as U-D in 0066, she mistakes Vivio as the Heiliger Kaiser of the Cradle. From their conversation, it is also revealed that she knows Olivie Sägebrecht.[1]

By the end of the Unbreakable Dark Incident, Yuri is eventually separated from the System.


With the name Yuri, she appears in Reflection and Detonation.

Near the end of Reflection, it is revealed by Iris that she died during a disaster caused by Yuri long time ago, and now she is going to take revenge. When Yuri is "revived" from the Examia crystal, she is quickly mind-controlled by Iris with virus codes before their conversion is finished, causing her to attack Fate T. Harlaown, Signum and other Administrative Bureau mages.

Brave DuelEdit

Yuri Eberwein is an international student studying abroad in Uminari City.



U-D's final mode with Soul Wings

As Unbreakable Dark, Yuri possesses the Examia (永遠結晶(エグザミア) Eguzamia, lit. Forever Crystal) as the core supported by the Eternal Ring (無限連環(エターナルリング) Etānaru Ringu) program. The system can only be controlled by the Tome of the Purple Sky, and it is able to regenerate the leftover of the Book of Darkness into dark fragments.

As an individual, Yuri herself possesses the Soul Wings as weapon, instead of wielding a Device like the Materials.

Barrier JacketEdit

Yuri's protective clothing, presumably a Barrier Jacket as she does not wield a weapon, is known as Purple Sky Attire (紫天装束 Shiten Shōzoku).

When Yuri is U-D, the Attire can be turned into a reddish variation.


Spells in The Gears of Destiny

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Attack/Basic[unnamed]Eternal Saber
Block/HighNapalm BreathVesper Ring
Catch/Bind[unnamed grab attack]Javelin
△△EX AttackViper---
LFDBAncient Matrix---



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