Yersinia Dagger
Yersinia Dagger
Yersinia Dagger in The Gears of Destiny
Spell profile
Primary casterLord Dearche
Magic systemAncient Belka
TypeShooting (Guided)
Japanese nameエルシニアダガー
(Erushinia Dagā)
First app.Battle of Aces

Yersinia Dagger (エルシニアダガー Erushinia Dagā) is a high-speed shooting attack of dagger-shaped projectile possessed by Lord Dearche in the portable continuity. It is in substance a copy of Hayate Yagami's Brionac.


Yersinia Dagger is named after Yersiniakreuz, the staff wielded by Dearche.

Notable usesEdit

Yersinia Dagger is one of Dearche's long-range shooting attacks in The Battle of Aces, fired from a magic loop muzzler in front of Dearche. The basic version fires one projectile with random but homing trajectory and can be fired continuously, whilst the charged version fires a single but stronger projectile. In The Gears of Destiny, the muzzler becomes a Midchildan Circle and the charged version is replaced by Inferno.