X Defender
X Defender
Presea's hexagonal barriers in Nanoha
Spell profile
Primary casterPresea Testarossa
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameエクスディフェンダー
(Ekusu Difendā)
First app.Nanoha (ep.10)

X Defender (エクスディフェンダー Ekusu Difendā) is a barrier-type defensive spell,[1] presumably a development of the more basic Defenser, possessed by Presea Testarossa.

Unlike the usual spherical cap shape of barriers, the spell generates multiple hexagonal barriers.


The presumably same spell has not been named in Nanoha and its movie adaptation, until being adapted in The Gears of Destiny. In addition, the correct transliteration of the spell name may be rendered "EX Defender" (c/w Protection EX).

Notable usesEdit

  • In Nanoha (ep.10), Presea casts a screen of overlapping hexagonal barriers (presumably X Defender) in the Garden of Time to defend against Alph, who manages to break it. This is also adapted in The MOVIE 1st, in which a wider screen of smaller hexagonal barriers is cast.
  • X Defender is one of Presea's long-range moves in The Gears of Destiny, generating six adjoining hexagonal barriers in a vertical arrangement of 2-1-2-1, somehow resembling an X-shape. By injecting more mana (pressing once more) or absorbing an incoming attack, the barrier will turn into Variant Sphere, a large and speedy mana bolt with bombardment-level power, to attack/counterattack the opponent.


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