"Winner and Loser"
Vvs ep08
Vivio charging her finish blow
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SeasonViVid Strike!
Japanese title「勝者と敗者」
(Shōsha to Haisha)
AirdateNovember 20, 2016

"Winner and Loser" (「勝者と敗者」 Shōsha to Haisha) is episode 8 of ViVid Strike! It was originally broadcast on November 20, 2016.

Short summaryEdit

Vivio Takamachi and Rinne Berlinetta continue with their Winter Cup match. Vivio eventually defeats Rinne, leaving her devastated.

Long summaryEdit

In the second round of the Winter Cup match between Vivio Takamachi and Rinne Berlinetta, Vivio seems to have the upper hand, and the round ends with Vivio gaining more points. By the third round, Rinne has memorized Vivio's attacking tracks and counters, and finally manages to deliver certain powerful hits, knocking down Vivio and breaking her left leg.

Despite her injury, Vivio continues to fight and later switches her stance with another leg to southpaw style, making Rinne unable to read her movements again. Vivio eventually uses Accel Smash Infinity (for the first time ever in a public match, as noted by other members of Nakajima Gym) and completely overpowers Rinne, resulting in her losing both consciousness and the match. Despite her victory, however, Vivio has to drop out of the Winter Cup tournament, too, due to her broken leg.


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