Wind Shield
Wind Shields defending Otto's Ray Storm
Spell profile
Primary casterShamal
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese name風の護盾
(Kaze no Gojun)
First app.StrikerS (ep.17)

Wind Shield (風の護盾 Kaze no Gojun)[1] is a shield-type defensive spell possessed by Shamal.

Notably, before its debut in StrikerS, Wind Shield has already been shown in an artwork of A's.[2] The timepoint of that image is in between the Wolkenritter's first appearance in front of Hayate Yagami and their receipt of Knight Clothing designs.


Literally, Kaze no Gojun is Japanese for "Wind's Protection Shield".

Notable usesEdit

  • In The Battle of Aces and The Gears of Destiny, Wind Shield is one of Shamal's basic long-range moves to create a shield afront in the air to defend against attacks from that direction. Unlike the anime version, it has a different design of flat whirlwind.
  • In StrikerS (ep.17), Shamal casts Wind Shield to defend the quarters of Riot Force 6 from Otto's Ray Storm. The spell seems to be quite strong and durable, until interrupted by Zafira's fall.[3]


Swirling Storm is considered an offensive variation of Wind Shield in the portable continuity, being its charged version in the games. Notably, it is not named in The Battle of Aces (remaining as Wind Shield) until The Gears of Destiny.


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