Volcanic Blaze
Spell profile
Primary casterHallie Tribeca
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeBombardment (Isolated)
Japanese nameヴォルカニック・ブレイズ
(Vorukanikku Bureizu)
First app.ViVid (ch.38)

Volcanic Blaze (ヴォルカニック・ブレイズ Vorukanikku Bureizu) is an isolated bombardment attack cast by Hallie Tribeca.

By putting her palm onto the ground for charging, a bombardment can be generated and fired from the feet of the opponent. The command phrase is "Explode" (爆裂 Bakuretsu).

Notable usesEdit

In ViVid (ch.38), Hallie uses it as the finish blow in her Intermiddle match against Rio Wesley.


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