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Vita Vivid
Vita wearing her Tactics Teacher uniform in ViVid
Character profile
Other namesKnight of the Iron Hammer
Crimson Iron Rider
Stars 02 (RF6 callsign)
Aggressor 2 (SDS6 callsign)
Ageuncertain, but at least several centuries

8 (A's manga)
8 (A's)
14 (A's epilogue)
14–19 (StrikerS manga)
18 (StrikerS)
22 (ViVid)

24 (Force)
HomeworldOld Belka
Date of birthAncient Belkan Era
Officially: 0057
FamilyYagami family
AffiliationAir Force 1321 (pre-StrikerS)
Riot Force 6 (StrikerS)
SAFA (post-StrikerS et seq.)
Special Duty Section 6 (Force)
Rank3rd Air Captain (StrikerS)
2nd Air Captain (Force)
OccupationSAFA Tactics Teacher (post-StrikerS)
QualificationTactics Teacher (pre-StrikerS)
Commander of Platoon (pre-StrikerS)
PartnerNanoha Takamachi (post-StrikerS)
SystemAncient Belka
RankAAA+ (Air)[1]
DeviceGraf Eisen
Reinforce II (TSAB registered, pre-StrikerS)
War Hammer (Force)
Japanese nameヴィータ
First app.A's manga (prologue)
Voiced byAsami Sanada (Japanese)
Elizabeth Rick (English)

Vita (ヴィータ Vīta) is a character in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, voiced by Asami Sanada. She appears in neither the previous series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha nor the later story Triangle Heart but in sequels of A's. Vita is one of the Wolkenritter, a creation of the Book of Darkness. She is the most devoted of the four to Hayate Yagami, their mistress.


Vita is named for the Opel Vita and, like all Wolkenritter, doesn't have a surname.

Additionally, she has two titles from her Wolkenritter past: "Knight of the Iron Hammer" (鉄槌の騎士 Tettsui no Kishi), referring to Graf Eisen, and "Crimson Iron Rider" (紅の鉄騎 Kurenai no Tekki).


Vita is visually the youngest of the Wolkenritter, appearing to be approximately 8 years old in A's. This would make her 14 and 18 in A's epilogue and StrikerS, respectively, but as a magical construct, she ages very slowly over the years. Thus, she still appears as a child in Force, despite being officially 24 years old. De facto her centuries-long service as the guardian of the Book of Darkness places her among the oldest living individuals in the entire Nanoha universe.

Physically, she is a small red-headed girl with diminished height. She wears her hair in two queues that trail behind her head. The length of these queues seems to vary depending on what series she's in. When not wearing her barrier jacket, Vita is generally seen wearing Gothic-lolita attire in A's and the standard TSAB uniform in StrikerS

Vita's appearance and abilities (as well as the name of her Device) recall the Alt Eisen of Super Robot Wars, with her Schwalbe Fliegen being similar to its Heavy Claymore attack and Raketen Hammer resembling its Revolver Stake. Graf Eisen's forms also contain references to GaoGaiGar and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Vita also bears some resemblance to Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Like Thor, Vita is a brash redheaded fighter who wields a hammer that changes size appropriate to the situation.

In A'sEdit

Vita enters A's on a hunt with Zafira for strong Linker Cores to absorb into the Book of Darkness. She targets Nanoha Takamachi, which she deems to be a juicy target, unlike the usual TSAB "redshirts" which can barely fill up a single page of the Book of Darkness. Later, she's shows some strong dislikes toward her until near the end of the series (possibly due to acknowledging her as a potential threat to the Wolkenritter's efforts in filling up the Book of Darkness), which may have driven her to intentionally call Nanoha "Nantoka" (Japanese: "Something-or-Other"). Even after the series end, she's still sometimes drove her anger toward her, like when Signum taunted her that she "scared to be lose in front of her master", when she refused Signum's advance to put up a group-mock battle training.

Nanoha puts up a decent fight, but Vita tilts the deck with two cartridges and manages to overpower her, obtaining a power superiority so vast that she heavily damaged the Raising Heart. However, before she could get the Linker Core, Fate Testarossa and Yūno Scrya come to the rescue. Vita fights them off with her fellow Wolkenritter, Signum and Shamal, and they declare themselves enemies. The battle ends with Shamal finally managing to get Nanoha's Linker Core and Nanoha breaking Vita's barrier.

Vita fights for the sake of protecting their mistress, Hayate, whom she is completely dedicated to. The Wolkenritter attack mages to steal their Linker Cores, their sources of magic, to fill the 666 pages of the Book of Darkness with this power before it saps any more of Hayate's and she becomes fully paralyzed. They continue to obtain Linker Cores and fight off interference from the Time-Space Administration Bureau (TSAB), mainly Fate and Nanoha, while they try to keep Hayate from knowing that they are stealing magic for pages; she has told them that as long as she is mistress of the Book, she will not allow anyone to be harmed over it.

The Wolkenritter, especially Vita, are determined to save Hayate even if it means going against her wishes. What the Wolkenritter don't know about Hayate is that the Book of Darkness, once completed, may stop sapping her Linker Core for pages, but that does not mean that it will stop hurting her or undo its damage. In fact, the master of the Book dies upon its completion. Vita is the first to recognize that something may be wrong with what they are doing and that they have forgotten something very important, but her devotion to Hayate keeps her fighting for Linker Cores regardless. Just before the Book of Darkness is completed, Suzuka Tsukimura brings Nanoha, Alisa, and Fate to visit Hayate in the hospital while the Wolkenritter are there. The warring groups recognize each other and their shared wish at once, and meet on the roof of the hospital. Nanoha and Fate try to tell the Wolkenritter about what will happen to Hayate, but their confrontation is cut short by both the interference of two masked men and the completion of the Book of Darkness with the Linker Cores of the Wolkenritter themselves.

The masked men are actually women, Aria and Lotte Liese, who frame Nanoha and Fate for the death of Vita and the others. Hayate screams in horror for all of this to stop and is taken over by the will of the Book of Darkness, becoming the fearsome, possessed woman inside of it just as the real duo escapes their prison. Meanwhile, Vita's spirit is trapped inside the Book of Darkness with the others. When Hayate rejects her own wish of vengeance, she reprograms the entire Book, but a virus still remains inside, the one that caused the evil aspect of the Book in the first place. Hayate awakens the spirit of Vita and her friends inside the book of Darkness, and she decides to join the fight against the automated defence program that Hayate describes as "the 'darkness' in the Book of Darkness". Vita finally recognizes Nanoha as an equal, though she won't admit it, and calls her by her real name.

In an epilogue taking place six years later, Vita is officially 14 years old, and still lives with the other Wolkenritter and Hayate, posing as Hayate's sister.

Between A's and StrikerSEdit

Two official manga series expand on what happens to the characters between A's and the sequel, StrikerS.

Vita is still an eternal child, living with Hayate. It has been mentioned in the manga, however, that she may use transformation magic (presumably, some form of Adult Mode) to appear older.

Also, Vita is at times haunted by memories of a mission in 0067 that she and Nanoha participate in that nearly ends in the death of Nanoha. Vita and Nanoha are on a recon mission when a then-unidentified Type-IV Gadget Drone attacks them. Nanoha is severely injured mainly due to exploitation of mana since the past battles. As a result, Nanoha needs to rehab for one year.[2] In StrikerS manga (ch.2), it is revealed that Vita is actually the first to notice Nanoha's weakening condition upon their deployment but did nothing about it, making her feel particularly guilty for what happens afterwards.

In StrikerSEdit

Four years after the A's epilogue, Vita is sub-commander of Forward Stars in Riot Force 6, working directly under Nanoha, who, in turn, obeys Hayate. She and the other Wolkenritter are kept close to Hayate and each other (Shamal and Zafira are support, Signum is with Forward Lightning) because they work most effectively as a team. In this season, Vita shows that she is still hurt emotionally from the times she couldn't be there for Hayate and Nanoha, and will go to extreme levels to protect them. As portrayed in episode 22, taking down the Gadget Drones which she recognizes to be the ones who hurt Nanoha and in episode 25 (after being stabbed through the back), Vita broke her device, Graf Eisen, while desperately trying to destroy the main engine of the Saint's Cradle controlled by Jail Scaglietti and his Combat Cyborgs. As she falls, she apologizes to Nanoha and Hayate (basically all of her comrades) for failing. Hayate then comes to the scene, telling her that there is nothing to apologize about because there is nothing in the world that the knight Vita and Graf Eisen cannot destroy. At this point, it becomes apparent that she inflicted just enough damage upon the engine for it to slowly start falling apart.

Like Signum, she has demonstrated the ability to enter Unison with Reinforce Zwei, though her synchronization with Rein cannot create great synergy effect like Hayate's.

In ViVidEdit

Vita is now a member of Aerial Tactical Instructor Corps alongside Nanoha. She only has minor appearance in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid initially, say, receiving a picture of Vivio and her friends in the first chapter, and appearing slightly in the introduction of Asteion as well as Miura.

However, Vita is the main character of the special chapter (Memory;ex), which covers not only the recent lives of Yagami and Takamachi families, but also the past times of the Wolkenritter and the emperors in the Ancient Belkan ages.

In ForceEdit

Vita appears in the prologue chapter of Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force, discussing "a new riot" with Reinforce Zwei. She is then mentioned (but not shown) in chapter 5 as the one who tested the countermeasures to the "Zero Effect".

Vita enters the story proper in Force (ch.7), when the Special Duty Section 6 on Vaizen receives news that Signum has engaged Cypha of Hückebein in battle on Ruwella, before her AEC Armament was ready. Shocked, Vita contacts Rein, who tells her that Teana and Fate are already on the way. Vita rushes to help, mentioning her own War Hammer, while Nanoha is summoned, as well.

She and Nanoha are later seen on top of the bridge of Wolfram, as it is chasing the Esquad Hückebein airship. The two of them act as the vessel's alternate "main cannons". After the Augusto (the main weapon of Wolfram) deals little damage to the enemy vessel (due to the magic-disrupting effect utilized by the Hückebein), Nanoha and Vita, codenamed Aggressor 1 and 2, respectively, are ordered by Hayate to attack the Hückebein using their newly-acquired AEC equipment. Nanoha fires first, followed by Vita, and their combo attacks hamper the Hückebein vessel somewhat, allowing the Wolfram to not only catch up but also to send in Fate, Erio, and Subaru to infiltrate it through the hull breach. When Stella assumes control over the ship to accelerate the repairs and seals the infiltration team inside, Vita and Nanoha continue bombardment, with Vita flying in closer to the enemy ship to deal more damage. However, when Thoma's Divide Zero Eclipse area-of-effect attack is activated, she loses most of her flight capability and has to retreat back to the Wolfram. After recovering her bearings, Vita then rendezvouses with Hayate on top of the Wolfram, protecting her mistress from the Huckebein attacks. Hayate instructs her to make the final preparations as she (Hayate) readies Heimdall.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Vita appears in The MOVIE 2nd A's and Reflection.


Vita appears in both Battle of Aces and Gears of Destiny. One of her alternate costumes in Gears of Destiny looks nearly identical to the Prince of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy.

Brave DuelEdit

Vita Yagami (八神ヴィータ Yagami Vīta) is a member of the Yagami family. She is a Duelist at the beginning of the story, with the ambition of becoming the Brave Duel champion of Uminari City and top Duelist of the nation.

Powers Edit

Vita is a skilled aerial knight and uses telepathy as all Belkan system practitioners. Her Device is a mallet called Graf Eisen.

Knight ClothingEdit

Vita's knight clothing, designed by Hayate (with the intention to replace unnecessary bulky Knight Armor), is a red Gothic Lolita-style dress with black frills and yellow ribbons, a large red hat with plush rabbit heads, and black and red boots. The armor turns white when Vita is in Unison with Reinforce Zwei.


Dimensional TransferAncient Belka
EisengeheulAncient BelkaSupportDecline
GiganthammerAncient BelkaAttackMagic-enhanced attack
GigantschlagAncient BelkaAttackMagic-enhanced attack
KometfliegenAncient BelkaAttackShooting
PanzergeistAncient BelkaDefenseField
PanzerhindernisAncient BelkaDefenseBarrier
PanzerschildAncient BelkaDefenseShield
PferdeAncient BelkaSupportTransport
Plasma PileSpecial (AEC)AttackEnergy blade
RaketenhammerAncient BelkaAttackMagic-enhanced attackAA+
SchwalbefliegenAncient BelkaAttackShootingA
TödlichschlagAncient BelkaAttackMagic-enhanced attack
ZerstörungshammerAncient BelkaAttackMagic-enhanced attack

In the gamesEdit

Spells in The Battle of Aces

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Spells in The Gears of Destiny

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Block/HighKanonehammer (?)Tödlichschlag
△△EX AttackGiganthammer---



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  2. ^ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, episode 9.

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