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Vice Granscenic
Vice Granscenic
Character profile
FamilyLaguna Granscenic (sister)
AffiliationAir Force 1039 (pre-StrikerS)
Capital Air Force (pre-StrikerS)
Riot Force 6 (StrikerS)
TSAB Midchilda Ground HQ (post-StrikerS)
RankGround Sergeant (StrikerS)
Ground Sergeant Leader (post-StrikerS)
OccupationHelicopter Pilot
QualificationHelicopter Pilot A (Master)
ColorBlue green
RankB+ (Ground)[1]
DeviceStorm Raider
Japanese nameヴァイス・グランセニック
(Vaisu Guransenikku)
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.5)
Voiced byYuichi Nakamura

Vice Granscenic (ヴァイス・グランセニック Vaisu Guransenikku) first appears in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. He is a helicopter pilot for the Riot Force 6 and a former elite sniper. During the series, he develops a firm friendship with a fellow sharpshooter Teana Lanster, which apparently continues after the events of StrikerS.


Vice is named after Renault Grand Scénic.

In StrikerSEdit

Before joining Riot Force 6 as a helicopter pilot, Vice was an Air Force sniper and a subordinate of Signum. However, in a hostage-taking incident some time before StrikerS, Vice accidentally shot a hostage in the eye while targeting a criminal with Snipe Shot. His guilt was worsened by the fact that the hostage was his own little sister, Laguna Granscenic, and eventually led him to give up the sniper career.

In StrikerS, Vice is first introduced as a helicopter pilot in Riot Force 6, occasionally talking with Teana and telling her not to overdo it when she begins her overnight training and pushing herself too hard. Later on in the series, Vice is revealed to be an extremely skilled sniper, as shown when he takes down the Anti-Magic Drones when Jail Scaglietti's forces assault Long Arch to capture Vivio Takamachi. However, he is knocked out in the same assault when a flashback of Laguna prevents him from shooting Lutecia Alpine, giving her time to knock him out. When Jail Scaglietti sets his plan to take over Midchilda with the Saint's Cradle into motion, Laguna seeks Vice out and tells him that she has long forgiven him, allowing him to come to terms with his past and join the battle alongside Zafira. He plays an essential role in the final confrontation by covering Subaru and Teana's insertion into the Cradle to extract Nanoha, Hayate, and the rest of the original strike team.

In Sound Stage XEdit

In Sound Stage X, Vice and Teana head off to take out some Mariage clones that approach them while trying to reach what they suspect is their next target.


Vice's Intelligent Device is named Storm Raider.


Shoot BarretMidchildaAttackShooting
Variable BarretSpecial (AEC)


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