Variant Zapper
Amitie's blue-frame Variant Zapper (left) and Kyrie's red-frame Variant Zapper (right)
Device profile
Other namesVariant Unit
MasterAmitie Florian
Kyrie Florian
Magic systemFormula Eltria
TypeDevice-like equipment
Japanese nameヴァリアントザッパー
(Varianto Zappā)
First app.Gears of Destiny

Variant Zapper (ヴァリアントザッパー Varianto Zappā) is the variable weapon used by Amitie Florian and Kyrie Florian. Amitie's is blue and light blue in color, whereas Kyrie's is red and pink.


Variant Zapper is the name used in The Gears of Destiny as well as the INNOCENT adaptation. However, it appears to be only suitable for its gun form, i.e. Zapper.

In the movie continuity, the general name for this variable weapon (with a new default "core unit" form) is instead Variant Unit (ヴァリアントユニット Varianto Yunitto).


Variant Zapper appears primarily alongside Amitie and Kyrie in the portable continuity.

It is also adapted in the Brave Duel continuity as their Brave Duel Devices (see Variant Zapper). No change in basic design is noted, but extra designs are added as upgraded forms (e.g. Variant Zapper II's three forms).

In the movie continuity, Variant Unit appears as their weapons in Reflection with new designs and additional forms.


Variant Unit can turn into different tools with metals or inorganic matters as materials and its core unit as base.[1]

Forms Portable continuity Movie continuity
Core Unit
Koa Yunitto)
N/A Takes the form of a button-like artefact, similar to the usual standby form of a Device. It may turn into a handle with trigger for further form change.
(ザッパー Zappā)
The default gun form, in pairs. Despite its size, it is capable of rapid sequential firing like machine gun. Takes the form of a handgun.
Shotgun[2] N/A Takes the form of a larger shotgun which can fire projectiles similar to Finest Cannon.[3]
(フェンサー Fensā)
Takes the form of one-handed blade, in pairs. Takes the form of a one-handed blade.
Heavy Edge
(ヘヴィエッジ Hevi Ejji)
Takes the form of a two-handed sword, similar to a claymore. TBC


Upgrade Description
One-Hand Mode In the portable continuity, Variant Zapper can be used in the "one-hand mode", which is applicable to both Zapper and Fencer, in a way similar to Cross Mirage. The combination of one Zapper and one Fencer is also possible.
(オバーブラスト Obāburasto)
In the scenario of The Gears of Destiny, Amitie has displayed once the function of her Variant Zapper. In exchange for substantially boosted power, the body of the Zapper is also damaged.

Additionally, Kyrie's red-frame Zapper (gun form) is superior to Amitie's blue-frame Zapper in rapid sequential firing.[4]


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