Ultralong Distance Transporation
NachtWal's core being transported
Spell profile
Primary casterYuuno Scrya
Magic systemMidchilda
Ancient Belka
Japanese name超長距離転送
(Chōchō Kyori Tensō)
First app.The MOVIE 2nd A's

Ultralong Distance Transporation (超長距離転送 Chōchō Kyori Tensō)[1] is a teleportation spell of ultralong distance, generally requiring the efforts of more than one mages to cast.


The presumably same spell used in A's (ep.12), capable of transporting hundreds of kilometres, is merely referred to as "Forced Transportation Spell" (強制転移魔法 Kyōsei Ten'i Mahō),[2] notwithstanding other spells like Transporter may also perform a forced transportation against the will of the target.

Notable usesEdit

In The MOVIE 2nd A's, Yuuno Scrya, Alph and Shamal jointly cast it to transport NachtWal's core into the Earth's orbit, after Shamal locates it with her Mirror of Travels. When cast, Shamal is responsible for securing the core and fixing its position, Yuuno is responsible for controlling the transport location, and Alph is responsible for supplying mana.[1]


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