Twin Wheel Sword Dance
Chantez slashing off Vivio with the spell
Spell profile
Primary casterChantez Arpinion
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeMagic-enhanced attack[1]
Japanese name双輪剣舞
(Sōrin Kenbu)
First app.ViVid (ch.19)

Twin Wheel Sword Dance (双輪剣舞 Sōrin Kenbu) is a cross-range slashing attack with Phantasma, cast by Chantez Arpinion in ViVid.


Sōrin is transliterated as "Twin Wheel" here to represent the rotating tonfa-swords. Alternative transliterations include "Double Wheel" or "Double-turning".

Notable usesEdit

  • It is cast at Chantez's full power against Vivio Takamachi in ViVid (ch.19), and can break her fully-powered defense known as Contact Mode.
  • In ViVid (ch.25), Chantez uses this attack as finish blow to knock out her opponent in her second Intermiddle Elite Class match.


  1. ^ Although Chantez does not use Belkan magic system, the spell is classified by the DSAA as a magic-enhanced slash attack (魔力付与斬撃 maryoku huyo zangeki) in ViVid chapter 25. The classification of Midchildan magic-enhanced attack may be exclusive for Midchildan Armed Devices.