Twin Dragon Waltz
Rio attacking with Twin Dragon
in ViVid anime opening theme
Spell profile
Primary casterRio Wesley
Magic systemModern Belka
TypeBombardment (Guided)
Japanese name双龍円舞
(Sōryū Enbu)
First app.ViVid (ch.12)

Twin Dragon Waltz (双龍円舞 Sōryū Enbu) is a bombardment spell cast by Rio Wesley, utilizing her Mana Conversion Affinity to both flame and electricity.

The spell is presented as generating two mana dragons from a Belkan Triangle under Rio's feet (or from her hands in the anime opening theme when she is in the air) which she referred to as Flame Dragon (炎龍 Enryū)[1] and Thunder Dragon (雷龍 Rairyū). They are then thrown to the target as if they were real dragons, although they are mana in nature and can be eliminated like many other spells.


The spell may be a homage to EnRyu and RaiRyu from The King of Braves GaoGaiGar series.

Notable usesEdit


Sky-soaring Twin Dragon Break (天翔双龍破 Tenshō Sōryū Ha),[2] also shortened by Deed as Twin Dragon Break (双龍破 Sōryū Ha),[3] is Rio's auto-firing bombardment, presumably an enhanced version of Twin Dragon Waltz. It was formerly named Twin-Break Dragon God Soar (双破龍神翔 Sōha Ryūjin Shō),[4] but probably renamed to match the base spell's name, i.e. "Twin Dragon" Waltz. Notably, its auto-firing nature enables Rio to free her hands for other attacks before the bombardment is done. In ViVid (ch.37-38), Rio casts it against Hallie Tribeca's Gun Blaze Full Burst in their Intermiddle match. In ViVid Strike! (ep.5.5, OVA), Rio uses it to knock out Fuka Reventon during their spar.


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