Toshi Tsukimura
Character profile
FamilyTsukimura family
AffiliationTsukimura Heavy Industries
Tsukimura Constructions
Japanese name月村俊
(Tsukimura Toshi)
First app.Reflection
Voiced byHiroshi Kōsaka

Toshi Tsukimura (月村俊 Tsukimura Toshi) is the father of Suzuka Tsukimura and the husband of Haruna Tsukimura.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Toshi only appears in Reflection so far.

In Reflection, his family's companies, namely Tsukimura Heavy Industries and Tsukimura Constructions, are responsible for the construction of Allston Sea, a theme park owned by the Bunnings. In the evening of the park's pre-opening, he drives along with Hayate Yagami to the park to join his family and the families of his daughter's schoolmates. During the journey, they are crashed by cars controlled by Iris, who is looking for the Tome of the Night Sky in Hayate's hand.


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