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The coat of arms of the Time-Space Administration Bureau

The Time-Space Administration Bureau (時空管理局 Jikũ Kanri Kyoku), commonly abbreviated as TSAB or Bureau (管理局 Kanri Kyoku), is an interdimensional security force[1] formed jointly by a union of several worlds, including Mid-Childa, where it is based. They also monitor cultural growth and provide disaster relief to each world,[2] especially when it involves magic and Lost Logia.

In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and A's, TSAB is only scarcely represented by the Asura but StrikerS reveals that the Time-Space Administration Bureau is a full-out military-like force. The TSAB Headquarters are located in the deep dimension space, and the TSAB Mid-Childan Main Office, in Cranagan. While it is mainly there to provide support for Nanoha Takamachi in the first two seasons, in the third series, Nanoha has enlisted in the organization herself and become one of the most powerful mages there, earning the nickname "Ace of Aces".


TSAB categorizes known dimensions into administrated and non-administrated worlds. It is present substantially on its administrated planets, where its agents act as the supreme administrative and peacekeeping power. These worlds include:

  • Mid-Childa (TSAB-administrated world #1)
  • Vaizen (TSAB-administrated world #3)
  • Karnarog (TSAB-administrated world #4)
  • Alzas (TSAB-administrated world #6)
  • Fedikia (TSAB-administrated world #12)
  • Liberta (TSAB-administrated world #16)
  • Ruwella (TSAB-administrated world #23)
  • Supools (TSAB-administrated world #61)

The Bureau agents are also active in non-administrated dimensions. However, they avoid interfering with local politics and have to keep low profiles on non-magical worlds like Earth. Such worlds include:

  • Easter (Non-administrated world #18)
  • Earth (Non-administrated world #97)

The Bureau apparently uses separate indices for inhabited and uninhabited worlds, since the Alzas (an administrated world) has the same number as the uninhabited world #6 (where Tre and Quattro were imprisoned after the JS Incident).[3]

Additionally, the "designated observation world #162" is visited in the StrikerS manga.



Main characters wearing the uniforms of various Bureau branches:

See also the full semantic list of the Bureau's subdivisions.
  • TSAB High Council were the secret masterminds behind the Bureau until 0075. Very few of the TSAB members even knew about their existence.
  • Main Office, located presumably in the TSAB Headquarters, coordinates the activities of various TSAB branches, as well as of Enforcers, Investigators, and Inspectors. The director of the Main Office is believed to be Midget Crowbel.
  • Armed Forces Public Relations Department (武装隊広報部) apparently handles the public relations of the Bureau. Serena Earls is its only known member thus far.
  • Riot Force 6 was a special unit formed in 0075 to counter the impending JS Incident under Lt.Col. Hayate Yagami's command. While de jure a part of the Ground Forces, RF6 was directly under the jurisdiction of the Main Office. It was disbanded in 0076, after fulfilling its intended purpose.
  • Special Duty Section 6 is a successort organization to Riot Force 6, formed in 0081 to counter the Eclipse incident and the Hückebein family. It is once again commanded by Hayate Yagami.
  • Tactical Instructor Corps (戦技教導隊 official English name: "Armaments service Supreme Air Force 'Aggressor'")[4] consists of the elite combat instructors who provide additional training to the Bureau's Armed Forces in combat strategy and techniques and commonly act as OPFOR in exercises. Additionally, their responsibilities include reviewing new spells, technologies, and tactics. Nanoha Takamachi is a member of the fifth group of the Aerial Tactical Instructor Corps.
  • Training Corps (教育隊)[5] is the division responsible for regular training of TSAB employees. Vita is a qualified instructor of the Training Corps.
  • Air Armaments Service (航空武装隊)[6] is the aerial branch of the TSAB Armed Forces. It is considered one of the more challenging and demanding branches of service and the requirements are very high. Teana Lanster failed her entrance examination on her first attempt.
    • Capital Air Force (首都航空隊)[6] seems to be the air force unit stationed on Mid-Childa. Tiida Lanster was a Captain of the Capital Air Force until his death.
      • 1039th Squadron (1039航空隊)[7] is the unit Signum, Vice Granscenic, and Alto Krauetta were assigned to before transferring to Riot Force 6.
      • 1321th Squadron (1321航空隊)[8] is the unit Vita was assigned to before transferring to Riot Force 6.
      • 2038th Squadron (2038航空隊)[9] is the unit Griffith Lowran was assigned to before transferring to Riot Force 6.
  • Ground Armaments Service (陸上警備隊)[10] is the land branch of the TSAB Armed Forces.
  • Dimensional Navy (次元航行部隊)[14] is the TSAB branch in charge of trans-dimensional warships, such as Arthra, Claudia, and Wolfram. They have access to the most destructive technologies available to the Bureau, such as the Arc-en-ciel. Its members around 0075 included Enforcer Fate Testarossa and Admiral Chrono Harlaown.
  • Rescue Corps (救助隊)[15] is the Bureau division specializing in rapid deployment disaster relief and search-and-rescue operations. Of particular note is the Gulf Special Rescue Unit, where Subaru Nakajima was transferred to after Riot Force 6. It is commanded by Captain Voltz Stan and is in charge of the port areas in Southern Mid-Childa.
  • Wildlife Preservation Corps (自然保護隊)[16] is the branch of TSAB responsible for protection of nature in frontier worlds. Caro Ru Lushe was assigned to it before Riot Force 6 and returned to it after the JS Incident was resolved, bringing her partner Erio Mondial with her.
  • Bureau Facility Management (管理局内施設)[17] is in charge of maintaining the Bureau's facilities. It consists of several sub-divisions:
    • Special Shelter (特別保護施設) is an institution that takes care and educates children with rare magical talents. Erio Mondial spent five years there before joining the Riot Force 6.
    • Orbital Prisons (軌道拘置所) are high-security detention facilities orbiting uninhabited worlds where the most dangerous criminals (such as Jail Scaglietti, Uno, Tre, Quattro, and Sette) are incarcerated.
    • Maritime Detention Center (海上隔離施設) is a detention facility build far out in the oceans of Mid-Childa, dedicated to rehabilitation of young criminals (e.g. most Numbers, as well as Agito and Lutecia Alpine). Before being admitted to rehab, all magical abilities of the detainees are sealed (presumably with a powerful limiter).[18]



The bulk of the Bureau membership consists of the Armed Forces (武装隊 Busōtai), complete with military ranks not unlike those on Earth.[19] Ranks lower than Major General are further subdivided into Land () and Air () ranks, according to the service branch of the holder.

Bold font indicates the most recent/senior rank known to have been held by the character:
Rank Holder Unit
Honorary Marshal
Largo Kiel N/A
General Officers
Regius Gaiz Capital Defense Corps
Major General
Carim Gracia N/A
Field/Senior Officers
Hayate Yagami (0075) Riot Force 6 (Land)
Genya Nakajima Battalion 108 (Land)
Auris Gaiz Capital Defense Corps
Fern Corrado (0072) Fourth Ground Forces Academy
Company/Junior Officers
Nanoha Takamachi (0075) Aerial Tactical Instructor Corps, 5th Group
Riot Force 6 (Land, on loan)
Fate Testarossa (0075) Riot Force 6 (Land, on loan)
Hayate Yagami (0071) Battalion 104 (Land)
Tiida Lanster Capital Air Force
Voltz Stan Gulf Special Rescue Unit (Land)
First Lieutenant
Signum (0075) Riot Force 6 (Land)
Lat Cartos Battalion 108 (Land)
Nanoha Takamachi (0071) Aerial Tactical Instructor Corps
Second Lieutenant
Vita (0075) Riot Force 6 (Land)
Warrant officers
Warrant Officer
Griffith Lowran (0075) Riot Force 6 (Land)
Quint Nakajima Ground Headquarters (Land)
Non-Commissioned Officers
Sergeant Major
Reinforce Zwei (0075) Riot Force 6 (Land)
Vice Granscenic (0076) Ground Headquarters (Land)
Master Sergeant
Vice Granscenic (0075) Riot Force 6 (Land)
Ginga Nakajima (0075) Battalion 108 (Land)
Riot Force 6 (Land, on loan)
Other enlisted ranks
Shario Finieno (0075) Riot Force 6 (Land)
Alto Krauetta (0076) Ground Headquarters (Land)
Subaru Nakajima (0076) Gulf Special Rescue Unit (Land)
Private First Class
Alto Krauetta (0075) Riot Force 6 (Land)
Lucino Lilie (0075) Riot Force 6 (Land)
Subaru Nakajima (0075) Battalion 386 (Land)
Riot Force 6 (Land, on loan)
Teana Lanster (0075) Battalion 386 (Land)
Riot Force 6 (Land, on loan)
Ginga Nakajima (0072) Battalion 108 (Land)
Erio Mondial (0076) Wildlife Preservation Corps (Land)
Caro Ru Lushe (0076) Wildlife Preservation Corps (Land)
Erio Mondial (0075) Riot Force 6 (Land)
Caro Ru Lushe (0075) Wildlife Preservation Corps (Land)
Riot Force 6 (Land, on loan)
Agito (0076) Ground Headquarters (Land)
Subaru Nakajima (0072) Ground Forces cadet
Teana Lanster (0072) Ground Forces cadet
Ginga Nakajima (0071) Ground Forces cadet
Nanoha Takamachi (0066) Armed Forces cadet
Fate Testarossa (0066) Enforcer cadet
Hayate Yagami (0066) Special Investigations cadet

The term Admiral (提督 Teitoku) was used extensively in the original series and A's for the top commanding officers of the TSAB (e.g. Lindy Harlaown, Gil Graham, Leti Lowran, and much later, Chrono Harlaown), however, it is unknown whether this is just an alternative form of addressing a general-rank officer, or a navy-specific rank, or just an appropriate form of address for someone commanding a TSAB warship.


In addition to the Armed Forces' ranks, the Bureau has a number of official positions outside the standard ladder that, nevertheless, possess considerable authority.

Enforcer (執務官 Shitsumukan)
The Enforcers are the elite agents of the Bureau, counting among both its top investigators and its most powerful or skilled mages. The requirements to become an Enforcer are extremely high because Enforcers carry large personal responsibility both in legal matters and in terms of assisting personnel.
Notable Enforcers include: Chrono Harlaown (0065), Fate Testarossa (0075), Teana Lanster (post-0076)
Investigator (捜査官 Sōsakan)[20]
Investigators lead most criminal investigations within the Bureau's jurisdiction. The title "Special Investigator" (特別捜査官/特別検査官 Tokubetsu Sōsakan/Tokubetsu Kensakan) is given to Rare Skill users working as Investigators.
Notable Investigators include: Quint Nakajima, Megane Alpine (before 0068), Hayate Yagami (Special Investigator, before 0071), Ginga Nakajima
Inspector (査察官 Sasatsukan)[21]
Inspectors handle the internal affairs within the Bureau itself, investigating cases of possible frauds and professional misconduct among its employees. There are Inspectors assigned to each TSAB department, sub-organization, and administrated world.
Notable Inspectors include: Verossa Acous
Contract Mage (嘱託魔導師 Shokutaku Madōshi)[22]
Contract Mages are trained magic users outside of the Bureau's ranks who are hired by the TSAB temporarily. Despite that, a mage has to pass a multi-staged exam (cf. "Fate Testarossa Takes Examination") to gain the position but if successful, may enjoy a considerable lenience from the Bureau.
Notable Contract Mages include: Fate Testarossa (0065), Nanoha Takamachi (post-0065), Vita (post-0065)

Mage ranksEdit

Main article: Mage rank

The Time-Space Administration Bureau ranks its mages depending on how many exams they have passed. At the beginning of StrikerS, Subaru and Teana attend (and fail) their B rank exam. It seems to be the case that most exams are somewhat similar to that. It is implied that most powerful mages are assigned to the Dimensional Navy, which is why it is unusual that Nanoha Takamachi, Fate Testarossa, and Hayate Yagami managed to be placed into the same Ground Forces unit.

Genya Nakajima also mentions that high-ranked mages tend to advance along the armed forces rank ladder much faster than officers with modest magical talents, explaining why a much younger but SS-ranked Hayate outranked him in StrikerS.

Notable employeesEdit


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