Tiger Roar
Tiger Roar
Spell profile
Primary casterRio Wesley
Corona Timil
Magic systemModern Belka
TypeMagic-enhanced attack
StyleSpring Sunlight Fist
Japanese name虎呴(ほこう)
First app.ViVid (ch.29)

Tiger Roar (虎呴(ほこう) Hokō) is a Bājíquán-like palm attack originally possessed by Rio Wesley in ViVid, although it is first seen casting by Corona Timil under the effect of Nephilim Fist. It is presumably a Spring Sunlight Fist move, in light of the "tiger" in its name.


The spell name Hokō is a rarely used Chinese term for "Tiger Roar", originated from a hexagram in Jiaoshi Yilin, a book of I Ching divination.

Notable usesEdit

In ViVid (ch.29) / ViVid anime (ep.11), with Nephilim Fist Corona casts it after dodging Einhard Stratos's attacks. It bruises Einhard's left arm and destroys the sleeve of her Barrier Jacket.


Ultimate Skill (絶招 Zesshō) Blazing Tiger Roar (織炎虎咆 Shien Hokō, presumably a misspelling of 熾炎虎咆) is the fiery variation cast by Rio Wesley in her match against Hallie Tribeca in ViVid (ch.38).


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