Thunder Rage O.D.J
Thunder Rage ODJ
Thunder Rage passing through the space
Spell profile
Primary casterPresea Testarossa
Magic systemMid-Childa
Japanese nameサンダーレイジO.D.J
(Sandā Reiji O.D.J)
First app.Nanoha (ep.9)

Thunder Rage O.D.J (サンダーレイジO.D.J Sandā Reiji O.D.J)[1][2] is a powerful cross-dimension attack, a variation of Thunder Rage possessed by Presea Testarossa. It can strike targets in other dimensions and is powerful enough to damage the Arthra.

To cause a destructive effect so far away from the caster requires an extremely demanding technique called "Distant Occurrence". It takes even greater skill to deliver enough damage to momentarily disable a dimensional warship and strike an individual elsewhere with a weaker effect at the same time. It was this skill and her unique knack at manipulating external mana sources that earned Presea Testarossa limited SS mage rank by the Bureau.[3]


O.D.J represents Occurs of DimensionJumped, describing its cross-dimension nature.

Notable usesEdit

In Nanoha (ep.9) and The MOVIE 1st, Presea casts the spell from the Garden of Time to attack Arthra (which is in the dimension space) and Fate Testarossa (who is on Earth).


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