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Thunder Blade
Spell profile
Primary casterFate Testarossa
Magic systemMid-Childa
Japanese nameサンダーブレイド
(Sandā Bureido)
First app.A's (ep.7)

Thunder Blade (サンダーブレイド Sandā Bureido) is a "power-up version" of Fate Testarossa's Thunder Rage spell,[1] wherein she focuses each attack into individual swords that can detonate on the command "Break!" Chrono Harlaown has a attack with similar visual effect called Stinger Blade Execution Shift.

Erio Mondial uses a spell also named Thunder Blade in Sound Stage X (disc 2) to fight Mariage. It is cast with Strada in Form Drei (Unwetterform). It is not known if his spell is same as or similar to Fate's.[2]


  1. ^ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Visual Fan Book.
  2. ^ There is also no canon source for the magic system and spell type of Erio's version. It is deemed as under Mid-Childa system for simplification, as English spell name is used and Erio does learn Mid-Childan spells.

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