Temporal Force Field
Temporal Force Field
Yuuno's force field extends over a vast area
Spell profile
Primary casterYuuno Scrya
Magic systemMidchilda
CategoryForce field
Japanese name封時結界
(Hūji Kekkai)
First app.Nanoha (ep.1)

Temporal Force Field (封時結界 Hūji Kekkai, lit. Time-sealing Force Field) is an area-type force field spell cast by Yuuno Scrya to alter the flow of time in a localised area, in order to "mask" magical effects from public view.

Notable usesEdit

The detailed setup of the spell by Yuuno is first seen in Nanoha (ep.4), but he mentions it is same as the "space" where he and Nanoha meet each other for the first time, indicating it is first cast in Nanoha (ep.1). In The MOVIE 1st, Yuuno also casts a force field, probably the same spell, when the Jewel Seed monster looks for him at the Makihara Animal Hospital.

Presumably, the Wide Area Force Field (広域結界 Kōiki Kekkai) cast by Yuuno in subsequent episodes and A's manga is referring to the same spell.


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