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Takamachi Family Gen1-2

Takamachi family, left to right: Kyōya, Miyuki, Nanoha, Momoko, and Shirō

The Takamachi (高町) family is originally from the Uminari City, Earth, but its youngest members reside in Mid-Childa, as of ViVid. It was first introduced in Triangle Heart 3 and, consequentially, in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.


In Triangle Heart 3, the Takamachi family is revealed to have descended from the well-established samurai clan Fuwa. In fact, Shirō Takamachi's surname at birth was Fuwa, but he changed it when he married Momoko Takamachi, presumably to throw the many enemies he has made in bodyguard business off his trail.

The Takamachi family owns a bakery cafe named Midori-ya in the Uminari City, where Shiro and Momoko currently reside.


Vivio and Nanoha 1

Vivio was adopted into the Takamachi family by Nanoha

Generation 1Edit

Generation 2Edit

Shirō's children (in order of seniority):

Generation 3Edit

  • Vivio Takamachi (officially born in 0069, adopted by Nanoha in 0075; genetically a member of the long-extinct Sägebrecht family)

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