"Surprise Attack"
Chapter guide
MangaMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
Japanese title「サプライズ・アタック」
(Sapuraizu Atakku)
PublishedMarch 26, 2010

"Surprise Attack" (「サプライズ・アタック」 Sapuraizu Atakku) is chapter 11 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. It was originally published on March 26, 2010.


After the training, the girls pick up Vivio and Einhard and everyone except Nanoha, Fate (who stay behind) and Erio (who helps Megane) to an onsen near the Alpine house. They just begin to relax when Sein scares them by sneaking up on them using her Deep Diver Inherent Skill. When she tries to grope Rio, however, her victim suddenly enters the Adult Mode and knocks her down with a powerful kick. The rest of the girls find the joke tasteless but agree to forgive Sein and let her stay for a day, if she agrees to make dinner for all of them. Afterwards, Vivio reminds Einhard of the team battle on the next day, and Einhard resolves to win. Back at the training grounds, Nanoha and Fate review the teams setup, where Einhard is pitted against Vivio, among other things.


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