Spell profile
Other namesTendō Suigetsu (Viktoria)
Primary casterMikaya Chevelle
Viktoria Dahlgrun
Magic systemModern Belka
Ancient Belka (Viktoria)
TypeMagic-enhanced attack
Japanese name水月
First app.ViVid (ch.20)

Suigetsu (水月 Suigetsu, lit. Water Moon) is a Tendō-style katana-drawing attack cast by Mikaya Chevelle in ViVid.

Viktoria Dahlgrun also manages to casts this spell, which she refers to as External Style "Tendō Suigetsu" (外式「天瞳・水月」 Gaishiki "Tendō Suigetsu"), by drawing a mana blade from the tip of her Device Blaue Trombe. It is not known if she is just imitating or has learned it from Mikaya.


Suigetsu presumably comes from the idiom "Flowers in the mirror, moon in the water." (鏡花水月 Kyōka Suigetsu)

Notable usesEdit


  • Suigetsu Double (水月・二連 Suigetsu Niren, lit. Water Moon Two Consecutive) is a combo version of the attack. Together with Tsukinowa, Mikaya inflicts over 10,000 points of damage upon Miura Rinaldi in their Intermiddle Elite Class battle (group 4 first match).[1]
  • Tendō Rengetsu (漣月 Rengetsu, lit. Ripple Moon) is probably an enhanced version of Suigetsu, in which Mikaya changes from right hand to both hands wielding Seiran during the attack.[2]


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  2. ^ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid, chapter 73.

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