Signum uses Sturmwinde
Spell profile
Primary casterSignum
Magic systemAncient Belka
TypeShooting (Aimed)
Japanese name陣風
First app.A's (ep.5)

Sturmwinde, known in kanji as Gust (陣風 Jinpū), is a shooting spell, firing a fiery shockwave to block projectiles from approaching. When used at cross-range, it may be seen as a magic-enhanced attack, instead.

It is cast by Signum to block Fate's Plasma Lancer.


"Sturmwinde", as stated by Laevatein, is German for "Storm Winds". The kanas of the spell name are not officially stated in canon sources, otherwise it may be rubied as 陣風(シュトゥルムヴィンデ), like some other Ancient Belkan spells.


Gale Fire

Gust Raging Fire

Gust Raging Fire (陣風烈火 Jinpū Rekka) is probably an enhanced version of the spell, cast in the special chapter of StrikerS THE COMICS, to block Nanoha's Axel Shooter. It is cast with Laevatein in Schlangeform, spreading fiery shockwaves around.


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