Strike Flame
Strike Flame in StrikerS
Spell profile
Primary casterNanoha Takamachi
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeEnergy blade
Japanese nameストライクフレーム
(Sutoraiku Furēmu)
First app.A's (ep.11)

Strike Flame (ストライクフレーム Sutoraiku Furēmu) is the three semi-materialized energy blades emitted at the tip and two frame edges of Nanoha Takamachi's Raising Heart Exelion as part of its Accelerate Charge System. In the movie continuity, the two blades at the frame edges are redesigned as sickle-shaped.

The energy filled therein is used for high-speed charges.[1] With the rocket boost provided by the accelerate charger, the Strike Flame is capable of penetrating barriers like Reinforce's barrier shield. Once its tip is inside such a barrier, Nanoha can fire an Exelion Buster from it at point-blank range.


Although the official spelling is not revealed in the series, it is pronounced by Raising Heart as Strike Flame instead of Strike Frame.

The copy of Strike Flame used by Stern the Destructor in the portable continuity has not been named in the series. In the INNOCENT adaptation, it is draft-named "Strike Flame".[2] It is covered in this article for simplicity, until there is other canonical source.

Notable usesEdit


Notable uses of copied spells:


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