Strike Cannon
Device profile
Other namesCW-AEC02X Strike Cannon
MasterMultiple SDS6 members
CreatorCaledfwlch Techniques
Magic systemSpecial (AEC)
TypeAEC Armament
Japanese nameストライクカノン
(Sutoraiku Kanon)
First app.Force (ch.7)

CW-AEC02X Strike Cannon (ストライクカノン Sutoraiku Kanon) is a magic-driven weapon manufactured for Special Duty Section 6 by the Vaizen-based Caledfwlch Techniques in Force.[1] It makes its debut in Force NEXT Design 01 (accompanying chapter 5) before its first appearance in the series.


The model designation of Strike Cannon, "CW-AEC02X", may stand for "Caledfwlch Anti-Eclipse Experimental Weapon 02". Its name may have been inspired by the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam.


A batch of Strike Cannons was produced by Vaizen-based Caledfwlch Techniques upon request by the Time-Space Administration Bureau for its Special Duty Section 6 ("SDS6") in 0081. The testing was carried out by the Aggressor team, led by Captain Nanoha Takamachi and sub-commander Vita. During the tests, it was, however, determined that only Nanoha herself possesses the power and reaction speed necessary to efficiently utilize the Cannon, therefore Mariel Atenza started optimizing Nanoha's Unit 01 for her exclusive use.[1]

In chapter 9, Erio also wields his Strike Cannon in the 3-on-3 battle against the Hückebein. In chapter 11, Vita's Unit 02 is taken into use to bombard Esquad Hückebein along with Erio's, after Thoma Avenir's Divide Zero "Eclipse" makes Vita unable to maintain flight. However, both are later destroyed by Curren Hückebein.

After the rescue of Thoma's group, Strike Cannon, together with War Hammer, have entered their mass production stage upon the Bureau's adaptation of AEC Armament, and become the two weapons of Raptor units. Front members of SDS6 are also seen wielding Strike Cannons in their trainings.

In the Brave Duel continuity, redesigned versions of Strike Cannon become Raising Heart Driver and Luciferion Driver, additional new forms possessed by Raising Heart and Luciferion in the Brave Duel game.

In the movie continuity, a further redesigned version of Strike Cannon will, together with redesigned Fortress, appear as part of Raising Heart Exelion's new form in Reflection,[2] although it is yet to know how different from the primary continuity its origins/development will be.


Strike Cannon appears as a large (over two meters long) gun held with both hands approximately at the waist height. Additionally, a bracer with connectors to the weapon is worn on the left hand (though seeing how Nanoha is left-handed, it may mean that the connector bracer should be worn on the dominant hand).[1]

Strike Cannon has two forms:

Form Description
Open Mode (展開(オープン)状態) The default form. In it, the two halves of the "barrel" are slightly apart and the Cannon functions as a medium-to-long range railgun.
Close Mode (綴束(クローズ)状態) The secondary form, in which the "barrel" is closed and the weapon can be used either as a lance or a claymore.

Strike Cannons are painted in different colors to reflect the personal colors of users. Known users and their personal colors painted are summarized as follows:

Unit User Personal Colors
01 Nanoha Takamachi Stratos Blue and Shine White [1]
02 Vita Magma Red and Black Sapphire [1]
Erio Mondial Red and white [3][4]
Thoma Avenir Light blue and white [3]
Lily-Strosek Light turquoise and white [3]
Isis Egret Light magenta and white [3]
Hayate Yagami
Subaru Nakajima
Teana Lanster


While bearing striking similarities to an Armed Device, Strike Cannon is not a standalone Device but an armed interface produced as a "magic-driven weapon".[1] The primary function of the Strike Cannon is instant conversion of the users' mana into physical effects, such as impact shocks, solid cannon projectiles, and barriers. This differs from standard Devices, which merely shape magical energy into a form where it can be used as a weapon, and allows Strike Cannon to efficiently counter the magic-neutralizing effects like the Anti Magic Field and Zero Effect.[1]

To conserve energy, Strike Cannon can be switched to the Low Power Mode by turning the recoil-controlling function off.



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