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Stinger Snipe
Stinger Snipe tearing through Presea's robots
Spell profile
Primary casterChrono Harlaown
Magic systemMid-Childa
TypeShooting (Guided)
Japanese nameスティンガースナイプ
(Sutingā Sunaipu)
First app.Nanoha (ep.12)

Stinger Snipe (スティンガースナイプ Sutingā Sunaipu) is a guided shooting spell cast by Chrono Harlaown in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

It is a rechargeable spell wherein the "stinger" is swirling in the air. With a keyword, it can speed up again for another attack.[1] Snip Shot is the keyword to attack again at an even higher speed.[2]


The official spell name in the Mid-Childan language may be Stinger Snip, as used in Snip Shot.

Notable usesEdit

  • In its first appearance, Stinger Snipe is used to take down the robots guarding Presea Testarossa at the Garden of Time. It appears as a single magic missile made of blue magical energy that Chrono is able to control at will. It also has much power, as it was able to effortlessly take down its targets.
  • Chrono also uses this spell against Fate Testarossa during her mage exam in the A's manga.


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