Device profile
CreatorJail Scaglietti and Cinque
Magic systemSpecial (IS)
TypeInherent Equipment
Japanese nameスティンガー
First app.StrikerS (ep.16)

Stinger (スティンガー Sutingā), also known as the Throwing Knife (スローイングナイフ Surōingu Naifu), is Cinque's Inherent Equipment. It takes form of characteristic metallic throwing knives and is the usual medium for her Rumble Detonator Inherent Skill.


Stinger appears alongside Cinque in StrikerS and Sound Stage X, but yet to appear in Force.

Unlike most Inherent Equipment pieces that resemble regular Devices, the Stinger is closer to the "solid bolts" used in some shooting spells, e.g. Vita's Schwalbe Fliegen and Kometen Fliegen. These bolts can even be summoned out of thin air and launched at the target (e.g. the Over Detonation spell). Their damage potential has been increased by Cinque herself by changing their shapes.

In the artworks of Sound Stage X, Cinque is shown wielding the Stingers. It is not known if the Stinger is upgraded to a Device.


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