Steel Yoke
Spell profile
Primary casterZafira
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese name鋼の軛
(Hagane no Kubiki)
First app.A's (ep.12)

Steel Yoke (鋼の軛 Hagane no Kubiki) is a cage-type capture spell cast by Zafira. Powerful and flexible in application, it is his signature spell.

The spell normally generates numerous spikes of compressed mana to pierce through the targets and fix them on the spot. With both nature of attack and capturing, it is effective in restraining or disabling large opponents.[1] The spikes can be generated either from the ground, the sky, or directly from a Belkan Triangle at Zafira's hands.

Alternatively, the spell may be used as an indoor defensive move by blockading corridors with the spikes. In case when no damage is wanted on the target, it may also be used as a pure capturing cage by surrounding the target.

Notable usesEdit

  • Zafira's first use of the spell in A's (ep.12) against the Defense Program is an application unlike the normal uses. He fires a single but enormous tendril of mana that lashes out and slices through the Program's tentacles. This seems to completely abandon the spell's capturing function in order to focus on its potential as a damaging attack.
  • Zafira's second use in A's (ep.12) is also against the Defense Program. He generates the spikes above the sea surface to pierce through the Program's cannon-tentacles, preventing them from firing. Similar use of the spell is also adapted in The MOVIE 2nd A's.
  • Steel Yoke is Zafira's Full Drive Burst attack in the portable continuity games. Unlike its normal function, Zafira causes the interlocked, piercing spikes to explode for more damage.
  • In StrikerS (ep.23), Zafira uses it cooperatively with Shamal to destroy the Gadget Drones protecting Otto. Afterwards, he uses the same spell to cage Otto without hurting her.


  1. ^ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A's, DVD/BRD Booklet, Magic Dictionary #71.

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