Star Saber
Star Saber
Star Saber in its standby form
Device profile
MasterMiura Rinaldi
CreatorHayate Yagami
Magic systemMidchilda[1]
Japanese nameスターセイバー
(Sutā Seibā)
First app.ViVid (ch.23)
Voiced byKaoru Edo

Star Saber (スターセイバー Sutā Seibā) is Miura Rinaldi's Intelligent Device. It calls Hayate Yagami Meister in its early appearance,[2] but the fact that it is created by Hayate is not explicitly confirmed until ViVid (ch.38).


Star Saber is the name of the Autobot supreme commander in Transformers: Victory, as well as a number of characters and weapons in other Transformers continuities such as the Star Saber weapon Transformers Armada.


Star Saber appears alongside Miura primarily in ViVid and ViVid Strike!


  • In its standby form, Star Saber appears as a star-shaped gear. Its face can display words like the gems of other Devices.
  • The details of its active form is not known. It speaks and glows from the star on Miura's chest, but presumably it also includes the gauntlets on Miura's limbs which can perform mana-collection for Sword-drawing, as that cannot be done by a Barrier Jacket.
  • Rocket Mode, looks like Sword-drawing without mana collection, can enable Miura to move at high speed and perform raids.


  1. ^ Miura's magic circles were mistakenly depicted as Belka Triangles in her Adult Mode setup in ViVid Strike! ep.2 and her picture in the early version of ViVid Strike! website. They were later corrected back to Midchildan Circle (except for Star Saber's picture in the website).
  2. ^ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid, chapter 25.