Spinning Break
Spell profile
Other namesStance of Spinning
Primary casterEinhard Stratos
Magic systemAncient Belka
TypeOther defense
StyleKaiser Arts
Japanese name旋衝破
(Senshō Ha)
First app.ViVid (ch.12)

Spinning Break (旋衝破 Senshō Ha, lit. Spin-Thrust Break) is a unique countering defensive spell cast against incoming shooting spells by Einhard Stratos in ViVid.

As analyzed by Megane Alpine, it is neither a reflection nor an absorb-and-release spell, but a catch-and-throwback spell that does not break the barret shells. Theoretically, it is possible for Ancient Belkan practitioners to do so, but considering Einhard's age and skill, she must have undergone very intensive training to use it.


Senshō, literally "spin-thrust", is a rarely-used kanji phrase for "spinning". It can also be seen in the Chinese name of rotary-percussion drills.

In The Gears of Destiny, the standby part of the spell is known as Stance of Spinning (旋の構え Sen no Kamae), similar to Zafira's counter spell Stance of Iron Wall in the games. Besides, the kanji for Senshō Ha is mistransliterated as "Spinning Palm Wave" (旋掌波).[1]

Notable usesEdit


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