Spark Splash
Spell profile
Primary casterVivio Takamachi
Magic systemModern Belka
TypeMagic-enhanced attack
Japanese nameスパークスプラッシュ
(Supāku Supurasshu)
First app.ViVid (ch.50)

Spark Splash (スパークスプラッシュ Supāku Supurasshu) is an electronic right straight punch attack used by Vivio Takamachi in ViVid. It may be inspired by or modified after Stun Knuckle, a similar attack used by her coach Nove Nakajima.

Notable usesEdit

In ViVid (ch.50), Vivio uses it in the Infinity Library to surprisingly attack Fabia Crozelg, right after Lutecia Alpine is saved from her attack by Einhard Stratos.


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