Sonica Lilian
Character profile
SpeciesEclipse Driver
FamilyHückebein family
OccupationFortune Teller
Japanese nameソニカ・リーリャン
(Sonika Rīryan)
First app.Force (ch.25)

Sonica Lilian (ソニカ・リーリャン Sonika Rīryan) is a fortune teller affiliated with the Hückebein family first introduced in Force.


Sonica was presumably named after Daihatsu Sonica.

In ForceEdit

Sonica first appears in chapter 25 of Force, meeting up with Cypha, who has just been defeated by Signum, Cypha ask her why she is late, she is said that was not matter for being late or not, she is going back to Esquad Hückebein with Cypha. Arnage tell she for using her unique ability for reading Rosalia's memories. After Sonica finished reading her memories, she ask Arnage for giving her 800k dollar, Arnage was shocked because it was too expensive, even Fortis did not get her approaches due she was too greedy for money.

Sonica was going to find Hades Vandein along with Curren and Veyron for using her ability for reading Hades' memories, but Curren and Veyron was attacked by him. Sonica was feel even through she can't fight but she know that Hades was powerful. When Sonica and the other went to leaving the prison due of Special Duty Section 6 giving a warning to there, Fate, Erio and Subaru was coming to stopping they, she was angry and respond to Curren that she is hate leaving without finished the business, she tell Veyron for protect her because she can't fight. After Curren using her Cinderella ability to destroy the prison, she and Veyron was leaving the prison, but Veyron was attacked by Hades, Hades said that he want to know and copy her ability. When Sonica was being attacked by Hades, Veyron was going to save her and his heart was getting ripped by Hades, she is crying and said to Curren that Veyron is death. Curren tell Sonica to calm down and ask her that Veyron's head is damaged or not, Curren respond that Veyron is still alive as long as his brain has not be damaged, she is bring Veyron back to the Esquad.

After Sonica bring Veyron back to the Esquad, she is taking rest in the Esquad and waiting him awake. After Veyron has awake and locked by Curren due he has be infected body reject by Hades, she and Arnage was going to bring back Veyron's heart to him, while Sonica said will giving discount the cost of using her ability due of the situation like this. When Arnage arrival in a small mountain and waiting Thoma and Lily go through the bridge, Sonica respond to her that she have a bad luck today and maybe will have a bad things happened to her.


Sonica is a weak combat mage but her unique ability allows her to read the thoughts and memories of anyone she physically touches (cf. Thought Investigation). The nature of this ability (e.g. whether it is related to the Eclipse virus) is unclear, and Sonica offers her services as a freelancer on the black market, most commonly seen employed by the Hückebein family.