Sky Fang
Miura's Sword-drawing: Sky Fang
Spell profile
Primary casterSignum
Miura Rinaldi
Corona Timil
Magic systemAncient Belka (Signum)
Midchilda (Miura/Corona)
TypeShooting (Ancient Belka)
Melee (Midchilda)
Japanese name空牙
First app.Battle of Aces (shooting)
ViVid (ch.32) (melee)

Sky Fang (空牙 Kūga) is originally a ranged shooting attack of Signum, cast with Laevatein's Schwertform to launch a mana slash in a way similar to Erio Mondial's Luftmesser.

Since ViVid, Miura Rinaldi also has a namesake cross-range kick attack, launched with Star Saber's leg gauntlet. It is not known if hers is a variation using Star Saber as the sword (and can also be fired like a shooting attack), or merely a credit to Signum's teaching and training at Yagami Dojo. It can also be used under Sword-drawing, and Corona Timil also manages to imitate it with Nephilim Fist.

Notable usesEdit

Notable uses of the original shooting version:

Notable uses of the melee version:


  • Piercing Sky Fang (穿空牙 Senkūga) is a charged variation of Signum's Sky Fang in the games. Instead of attacking in the long-range, it performs a rush towards the opponent and launches the mana slash in the cross-range.
  • Spinning Sky Fang (旋空牙 Senkūga) is a multi-hit variation of Miura's Sky Fang. In ViVid (ch.87), Miura knocks down Vivio with it during their show match.

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