Silver Dagger
Device profile
MasterRunessa Magnus
Magic systemUnknown
TypeDevice-like weapon
Japanese nameシルバーダガー
(Shirubā Dagā)
First app.Sound Stage X (disc 2)

Silver Dagger (シルバーダガー Shirubā Dagā) is Runessa Magnus' Device-like equipment.


Silver Dagger appears in Sound Stage X only. Although its appearance is described textually, it has never been depicted on official artwork

Unlike all other Devices seen in the Nanoha series thus far, Silver Dagger doubles as a "live ammo gun" (実弾銃 jitsudan jū),[1] presumably placing it into the mass weapon category. Runessa, who has been a firearm expert since childhood, had to obtain a special permission from TSAB to carry such a weapon.[1]


Silver Dagger appears as a revolver.


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