Short Jump
Short Jump
DeVille raiding Nanoha with Short Jump
Spell profile
Primary casterDeVille of Hückebein
Magic systemUnknown
Japanese name短距離瞬間移動(ショートジャンプ)
(Shōto Janpu)
First app.Force (ch.12)

Short Jump (短距離瞬間移動(ショートジャンプ) Shōto Janpu, lit. "Short-range Teleportation") is a unique magical teleportation ability used in combat by DeVille of Hückebein.

Teleportation is not a rare magic, but it always takes some "phase time" to complete the transportation, during which the caster cannot do anything else: for this reason, it is seldom used in combat. "Short Jumpers", however, can reduce the phase time to a level suitable for combats through practice and system adjustment.[1]


  1. ^ Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force, Vol.3 chapter 12 Magic Dictionary.

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