Shirō Takamachi
Character profile
Other namesShirō Fuwa

37 (Nanoha)
37 (A's manga)
37 (A's)

51 (ViVid)
HomeworldEarth (Japan)
Date of birth0028[1]
FamilyTakamachi family
Cafe proprietor
Kid's soccer team coach
Japanese name高町士郎
(Takamachi Shirō)
First app.Nanoha (ep.1)
Voiced byKazuya Ichijou (Japanese)
Kaiji Tang (English)

Shirō Takamachi (高町士郎 Takamachi Shirō) is Nanoha Takamachi's father and, thus, formally the head of the Takamachi family. He may have a magical aptitude like his youngest daughter. He owns and works at the Midori-ya cafe but also coaches a kids' soccer team. He used to be a bodyguard and almost lost his life in this line of work, after being in the hospital in critical condition when Nanoha was very young.


The given name Shirō (士郎) means "samurai male".


Shiro Accident

Shirō in the ICU

Shirō was first mentioned in Triangle Heart 3, albeit posthumously, as he had died several years prior to the story. Him being alive is, along with Nanoha's magical talent, one of two major changes in the Nanoha universe. Presumably, the incident that left the Nanoha-universe Shirō in the ICU was similar to the one that killed the Toraha-universe Shirō, but since no mention is made of Fiasse, Ellis, or the Clover Organization in MGLN, it is uncertain.

In the Toraha continuity, Shirō was born into a powerful samurai clan, the Fuwas. He made a successful career in the bodyguard business, which also earned him a lot of enemies. In his early twenties, he had an affair with a woman named Kaori (夏織), who robbed him blind and left him to care for their baby son, whom she named Kyouya.[2] Several years later, Shirō married Momoko Takamachi and legally changed his surname to his wife's, presumably to throw his enemies off track.

Meanwhile, Shirō's sister Misato married into another famous samurai family, the Mikamis, and gave birth to a daughter, Miyuki. Soon after Shirō and Momoko's marriage, all members of both Fuwa and Mikami families, except Shirō, Kyouya, Misato, and Miyuki, were wiped out by a terrorist attack. Misato left her daughter in Shirō's care to pursue revenge upon their attackers, and he raised her as his own daughter. Shirō and Momoko's own daughter, Nanoha, was born some time after that.

While Momoko was still pregnant with Nanoha, Shirō was hired to bodyguard Fiasse Crystela and her father Albert, and suffered critical injuries on that job that led to his death in the Toraha continuity and retirement from the bodyguard business in all Nanoha continuities.

In ViVidEdit

Shirō makes a cameo appearance in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid along with his wife and Miyuki, receiving a picture of Vivio, his granddaughter, on Momoko's cell phone.


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