Shinobu Tsukimura
Character profile
Age 18 (Nanoha)
Date of birthSeptember 21,[1] 0047[2]
FamilyTsukimura family
Japanese name月村忍
(Tsukimura Shinobu)
First app.Nanoha
Voiced byYukiko Iwai (Triangle Heart)
Miyu Matsuki

Shinobu Tsukimura (月村忍 Tsukimura Shinobu) is the older sister of Suzuka Tsukimura. She appears in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha sparingly. In both her appearances, she appears to be romantically interested in Kyouya Takamachi and shows much care for his family, including Nanoha Takamachi while she was feeling depressed. Shinobu first appeared in Triangle Heart 3 as a potential love interest for Kyouya and a vampire.


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