Shario Finieno
Shario Finieno StrikerS
Shari in ground force uniform
Character profile
Other namesShari
Long Arch 01 (RF6 callsign)[1]

13–18 (StrikerS manga)
17 (StrikerS)

23 (Force)
Date of birth0058[2]
AffiliationFourth Ground Forces Academy (as Trainee)
Sailing Force (pre-StrikerS)
Riot Force 6 (StrikerS)
Special Duty Section 6 (Force)
Rank1st Ground Member (StrikerS)
OccupationExecutive Officer Assistant
Long Arch Communication Operator (StrikerS)
QualificationMechanic Meister (Network-Hardware)
Device Meister A (Master)
Communication Operator I
PartnerFate T. Harlaown (as Assistant)
Teana Lanster (post-StrikerS)
Japanese nameシャリオ・フィニーノ
(Shario Finīno)
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.1)
Voiced byShizuka Itō

Shario Finieno (シャリオ・フィニーノ Shario Finīno), introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, is Riot Force 6's Communication Operator (and self-claimed Mechanic Designer). She is also a Device Meister.


Her nickname is Shari (シャーリー Shārī). She is allegedly named for the Mitsubishi Chariot.

In StrikerSEdit

Shari grew up on Midchilda, in the same neighborhood (East 6th Aarse-Port) as Griffith Lowran.[3]

Shari, along Griffith, first meets Nanoha, Fate, Hayate and Rein in the initial Relic incident in April 0071 when they are in the ground force. Under Fate's request, from May 0072 onwards, she is Executive Officer Assistant (to Fate) under the TSAB Main Office, until being temporarily transferred to Riot Force 6 as Communication Operator in April 0075.[4]

Although Shari is not a mage, she possesses the qualification of Device Meister and is responsible for the design of Subaru Nakajima and Teana Lanster's Intelligent Devices (with help from Raising Heart): Mach Caliber and Cross Mirage, respectively. She also oversees the training undergone by the Forward team, using the data gathered to make adjustments to their Devices.

After the dissolution of Riot Force 6, Shari returns to the Main Office along Fate. As Teana also becomes Executive Officer Assistant to Fate, sharing part of her workloads, she is able to acquire more qualification as well as plan for Device modification for her friends.[5]

In ForceEdit

Shari appears again in Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force, working alongside Fate and, occasionally, Teana on the Bible of Silver Cross case.


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