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Shamal Vivid
Shamal in ViVid
Character profile
Other namesKnight of the Lake
Healing Hand of the Wind
Ageuncertain, at least several centuries

22 (A's manga)
22 (A's)
28 (A's epilogue)
28–33 (StrikerS manga)
32 (StrikerS)

38 (Force)
HomeworldOld Belka
Date of birthAncient Belkan Era
Officially: 0043
FamilyYagami family
AffiliationMedical Centre (pre-StrikerS et seq.)
Riot Force 6 (StrikerS)
Special Duty Section 6 (Force)
OccupationMedical Master
QualificationMedical Master C-III (pre-StrikerS)
SystemAncient Belka
RankAA+ (Synthetic)[1]
Japanese nameシャマル
First app.A's manga (prologue)
Voiced byRyōka Yuzuki

Shamal (シャマル Shamaru) is a character in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, voiced by Ryōka Yuzuki. Shamal is one of the Wolkenritter, and uses a set of magical rings called Klarwind.


Shamal is named for the Maserati Shamal and, like all Wolkenritter, doesn't have a surname. Interestingly, the car itself is named after shamal, the Arabic name for a type of northwestern wind in Iraq and neighboring countries, mirroring her Device's name.

Additionally, she has two titles from her Wolkenritter past: "Knight of the Lake" (湖の騎士 Mizu-umi no Kishi), possibly as a reference to the Lady of the Lake from Arthurian legends (and she is referred as "Lady of the Lake" in some translations), and "Healing Hand of the Wind" (風の癒し手 Kaze no Iyashite), probably referring to Klarwind and her healing abilities.


Shamal appears to be the oldest among the Wolkenritter, approximately 22 in A's. This would make her 32 in StrikerS, but like the rest of the Wolkenritter, her appearance hardly ages over the ten years time skip.


Shamal is typically soft-spoken, kind and polite. She helps around the house, and can be sensitive to criticism, especially with regards to her cooking. Shamal tends to worry about the welfare of Hayate and the other Wolkenritter, and can occasionally be prone to crying under emotional strain. She is quite close with Hayate, and like Vita, does not address her as "Mistress," instead affectionately calling her "Hayate-chan".

In A'sEdit

Shamal enters A's helping push Hayate's wheelchair on their walk home from the library. That night, she goes out to help the other Wolkenritter, telling Hayate that the supermarket does not have their brand of soy sauce. As Nanoha is about to fire her Starlight Breaker to destroy the Wolkenritter's barrier, Shamal uses a spell to steal her Linker Core from afar, but the Starlight Breaker fires and the barrier is destroyed. Shamal tends to act as the housekeeper and medic for the Wolkenritter. She is often the one who makes excuses to Hayate for why she and the others are absent, having volunteered for it so that the others will not have to bear the burden of deceiving her.[2]

Just before the Book of Darkness is completed, Nanoha, Fate, Arisa, and Suzuka visit Hayate for Christmas while Shamal and the other Wolkenritter are seeing her..[3] Shamal puts up a communications barrier to prevent Fate from contacting the TSAB with Hayate's identity, and the two groups confront each other on the roof.[3] Two masked men, actually the Liese Twins in disguise, attack and absorb the Wolkenritter's Linker Cores, killing them and causing the Book of Darkness to awaken.[3]

After Hayate regains control of the Book of Darkness, renaming it Reinforce, she restores Shamal and the other Wolkenritter to life.[4] Shamal begins to apologize, but Hayate tells her she's merely relieved to see her and the others alive.[4] Shamal heals Nanoha and Fate's wounds, and after the combined efforts of Nanoha's group and the Wolkenritter weaken the corrupted defense program, she uses teleport magic, locates the core and transports it to outer space to be destroyed.[4] Reinforce sacrifices herself to allow the Wolkenritter to live on outside the book.[5]

Shamal continues living with Hayate in the epilogue that takes place six years later, and sends a package to Gil Graham with a picture of the family.

In StrikerSEdit

Shamal serves Riot Force 6 as a medical officer, but also helps in other regards. She takes command during the Hotel Augusta attack, identifying the enemy positions and issuing orders.

During the Numbers' attack on Long Arch, Shamal and Zafira face Otto and Deed, who defeat them and knock them unconscious. Shamal is briefly hospitalized as a result, but Zafira protects her from most of the damage. During the time between attacks, Shamal notices that the Wolkenritter's connection with Hayate is weakening, effectively making them more human.[6] She says that she is content with living her last life with Hayate, but notes that she still worries about Vita and the other knights.[6]

During the final battle, Shamal and Zafira manage to locate and capture Otto.[7]

In ViVidEdit

Shamal only makes minor appearances in ViVid, along the rest of the Yagami family at home or at the Inter-Middle stadium.

In ForceEdit

Shamal works as a doctor of the Medical Squad under Special Duty Section 6 in Force. In Force (ch.15), she appears unarmed in front of Isis and Thoma to offer aid to the unconscious and reacted Lily-Strosek. Since then she is responsible for the follow up of their Eclipse virus.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Shamal appears in The MOVIE 2nd A's and Reflection.


Shamal appears in both Battle of Aces and Gears of Destiny.


Shamal Yagami (八神シャマル Yagami Shamaru) is a shop assistant of Yagamido, along Signum Yagami and Reinforce Eins Yagami.


Shamal's Device is known as Klarwind, the Ring of Breezes, which she can use to detect enemies, create portals and bind targets. She has the ability to magically heal injuries and is skilled at creating barriers for various purposes. Like all Belkan magic system practitioners, Shamal is capable of telepathic communication. Furthermore, she can create cartridges with Klarwind's magic.

Knight ClothingEdit

Shamal's Knight Clothing consists of a white and green dress, a light green waist-attached cape with metal plates on the side. She further wears a light green jacket and gems attached to black boots. Like other knights' Clothing, it has been designed for her by Hayate.


Calming HealAncient BelkaSupportIncreaseAA
Commandment ChainAncient BelkaCaptureBind
Commandment RopeAncient BelkaCaptureBind
Communication JammingAncient BelkaSupportDecline
Dimensional TransferAncient Belka
Healing WindAncient BelkaSupportIncrease
Investigation SpellAncient BelkaSupportOther support
KlargeheulAncient BelkaSupportDecline
Mirror of ProspectionAncient BelkaSupportOther support
Mirror of TravelsAncient BelkaSupportTransport
Steel YokeAncient BelkaCaptureCageAA
Thunder of DestructionAncient BelkaAttackArea-of-effect
Wind ShieldAncient BelkaDefenseShield

In the gamesEdit

Spells in The Battle of Aces

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Attack/Basic[unnamed]Wind Shackle
Block/Def.PendelschlagWind Shield
Catch/Trans.Surging StormMirror of Travels
LFDBLinker Core Extraction---
Spells in The Gears of Destiny

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Attack/Basic[unnamed]Wind Shackle
Block/HighPendelschlagWind ShieldSwirling Storm
Catch/Trans.Surging StormMirror of Travels
△△EX Attack[unnamed]---
LFDBLinker Core Extraction---



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