Scythe Slash
Spell profile
Primary casterFate Testarossa
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeEnergy blade
Japanese nameサイズスラッシュ
(Saizu Surasshu)
First app.Nanoha (ep.5)

Scythe Slash (サイズスラッシュ Saizu Surasshu) is a mana slash attack cast by Fate Testarossa, while Bardiche is in Scythe Form.

The nature of this spell is to strengthen the energy blade of Bardiche, and to grant it barrier-piercing ability. The strengthened blade is sharp enough to cut through steel.[1]

Notable usesEdit


Haken Slash (ハーケンスラッシュ Hāken Surasshu) is the spell that replaced Scythe Slash after Bardiche is upgraded to Bardiche Assault. It can only be used under the Haken Form.[2]


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