Schwertkreuz and Tome of the Night Sky
Device profile
Other namesStaff of Sword Cross
Knight Staff
MasterHayate Yagami
CreatorMariel Atenza
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese nameシュベルトクロイツ
First app.A's (ep.12) (original)
A's manga (ch.7, epilogue) (version 8)

Schwertkreuz (シュベルトクロイツ Shuberutokuroitsu), also known as "Staff of Sword Cross" (剣十字の杖 Kenjūji no Tsue) and "Knight Staff" (騎士杖 Kishijō), is Hayate Yagami's Armed Device[1] in A's as well as in the subsequent series, although they are not the same one.


"Schwertkreuz" literally means "Sword(-shaped) Cross" in German. It is sometimes spelled "Schwert-Kreuz".


The original Schwertkreuz, also referred to as "the Staff", appears in A's when Hayate sets up Reinforce for the first time. Although the Staff was not explicitly named throughout the episodes, its name Schwertkreuz is made known in the Visual Fan Book and DVD Booklet.

It is presumably destroyed along with Reinforce, as it has been revealed in an interview[2] and in the DVD supplemental materials that the Schwertkreuz in StrikerS is not the Staff used by Hayate in A's episode 12, even though they share the same name.

The new Schwertkreuz which Hayate uses in StrikerS manga and StrikerS first appears in the A's manga epilogue. Amy Limietta refers to it as "version 8".[3] Afterwards, version updates are performed from time to time by Mariel Atenza, who is also the creator of the Device, to better tune its control over Hayate's enormous mana.[4] Its anime debut takes place in the epilogue of A's, where it appears in its standby form. It is possible that said standby form is the remaining fragment left behind by Reinforce, as this is Hayate's stated intent.

In the movie continuity, Schwertkreuz appears in The MOVIE 2nd A's.


  • In its standby form, it appears as a small gold cross, usually hanged on a gold chain.
  • In its active form, it appears as a staff, serving as the cannon-body for Hayate's spells.


Although categorized as an Armed Device, Schwertkreuz has neither an AI, nor the ability of magic/spell control and storage. This is because, similar to the original Staff, Schwertkreuz is considered a part of the Unison Device Reinforce II. Said functions can be carried out by Reinforce II (Master Program) and Tome of the Night Sky respectively, while Schwertkreuz itself is limited to mana-related functions like charge-acceleration and compression.



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