S2 Shield
S2 Shield
Caro with her Defensive Equipment in Force
Device profile
Other namesCW-AEC00X-S2 (primary)
Defensive Equipment (primary)
CWX-Defenser (movie)
MasterCaro Ru Lushe (primary)
Nanoha Takamachi (movie)
CreatorCaledfwlch Techniques (primary)
Caledfwlch Company (movie)
Magic systemNil (AEC Energy) (primary)
Nil (EM Force) (movie)
TypeAEC Armament (primary)
EM Equipment (movie)
Japanese nameS2シールド
(Esu Tsū Shīrudo)
First app.Force (ch.10) (part of Fortress)
Force (ch.22) (standalone)

S2 Shield (S2シールド Esu Tsū Shīrudo) is a mana-driven equipment manufactured for Special Duty Section 6 by the Vaizen-based Caledfwlch Techniques in Force.

It is originally the middle-sized shield sub-unit of Fortress. Since Caro Ru Lushe's petite build does not allow her to equip with the whole Fortress unit, while "Aerial Maneuver" and "Formation Combat" are also not possible, a set of four S2 Shields is rearranged as her AEC Armament to maintain her battle potential on the ground.


Being a sub-unit of Fortress, its model designation in Force is branched under Fortress' as "CW-AEC00X-S2". There is no unique name given to Caro's arrangement. She generally refers to it as Defensive Equipment (防衛装備 Bōei Sōbi).

When adapted in the movie continuity together with the large-sized shield sub-unit, they are officially referred to as Independent Floating Shield "CWX-Defenser" instead.


Caro's Defensive Equipment, formed by four S2 Shields personally colored in pink, appears primarily alongside her in Force. It first appears in Force (ch.22) during the first encounter between Special Duty Section 6 and the Grendel family.

Alternate continuitiesEdit

In the movie continuity, it is adapted as the small-sized Defenser used by Nanoha Takamachi.


Forms Primary continuity Movie continuity
Vanguard Dragoon
Vangādo Doragūn)
The arrangement for aerial support used by both Caro and Friedrich (true form), with two of the shields equipped on Friedrich's wings. This is the backside-support tuning of S2 Shields, which maintains the specialization in support and defense.

First seen in Force (ch.24).



S2 Shields floating around can generate defensive barriers automatically. It is also known as the Plasma Cannon Unit (of Fortress), as every Shield has built in a plasma cannon for mid-range battles.

In the movie adaptation, however, it does not have the cannon function.


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