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Linith Movie 1st
Character profile
Age22 (apparent)
SpeciesFamiliar (Mountain cat)
Date of birthNot later than 0061
Date of death0064
AffiliationProject Fate (TOS)
Home teacher
ColorLight yellow[1]
RankAA (mana capacity)[2]
DeviceUnnamed rod
Japanese nameリニス
First app.Nanoha (Sound Stage 02)
Last app.A's (ep.12, dream sequence)
Voiced byMasumi Asano

Rynith (リニス Rinisu), was Presea Testarossa's familiar created specifically to train Fate Testarossa in the arts of magic.


Her name is also romanized as "Rinis". Besides, while most canon sources use Rynith, the spelling "Linith" is used in the official English subtitles of The MOVIE 1st.


Linith is kind and even-tempered. She considers Fate to be like a daughter to her, and is willing to defy Presea's orders if she believes doing so is in Fate's best interest. While she dislikes Presea for her cruelty and sometimes feels jealous of her for being Fate's actual mother, Linith feels gratitude for her for allowing her to meet Fate.[3] It is also shown that Linith's presence had a powerful calming effect on Presea, who, while already cold and distant to Fate, never resolved to downright abuse while Linith was around. This was probably because Linith was the only one who dared to speak boldly in front of Presea and even defy her orders, temporarily reverting the mad woman's behavior back to normal.

In NanohaEdit

Rynith only appears in Nanoha (Sound Stage 02) and part of the Nanoha novel, set two years before the anime, in which she oversees Fate's training while making her Device, Bardiche. In her former, animal life, Rynith was a mountain cat from Midchilda. It is not said how she became Presea's familiar but her reward for her services was originally supposed to be a return to her animal form and habitat. She is initially opposed to Fate making Alph her familiar, but relents after Fate insists and also helps to train Alph.[4] After Fate's training and Bardiche are completed, she forfeits her original reward and instead demands that Presea has a single normal, family-like dinner with Fate to celebrate her achievements. Rynith then fades away and leaves behind Bardiche.[3]


Linith appears again in Fate's dream sequence in the end of A's, suggesting that Alicia should be more like Fate. Fate realizes that this is a dream sequence because both Linith and Alicia are dead. Linith is mentioned at several points in the manga and sound stages, having taught Fate mathematics, cooking and etiquette.[5] In the third A's Sound Stage, Fate sings a song that Linith wrote.[6]

In StrikerS manga (ch.12), Linith appears briefly in Nanoha's flashback as the person who gave Fate the power to achieve her dreams.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Linith Origin

Linith's original cat form, as seen in The MOVIE 1st

Linith appears in both The MOVIE 1st and The MOVIE 2nd A's (in Fate's dream). In this version, she was originally a cat who lived in Presea's mansion and was turned into a familiar almost by accident: she was the first living being that Presea met after resolving to have someone train Fate to hunt Jewel Seeds.


Rynith, being a Dark Fragment entity generated out of the memory of Fate, appears in Gears of Destiny.

Brave DuelEdit

Rynith Lanster (リニス・ランスター Rinisu Ransutā) (human form of the primary continuity) is the elder sister of Teana Lanster works as private tutor of the Testarossa family.

Rynith II (リニス2世 Rinisu Nisei) (cat form of the primary continuity) is a pet cat of Hobby Shop T&H (or the Testarossa family).


Being a familiar with a signed contract with Presea, Rynith has access to all spell knowledge and the considerable magical power of her master. In The Gears of Destiny, it also shows that Rynith can casts the base spells of Fate's spells, such as Spin Saber (basis of Arc Saber).

It can also be conjectured that like all familiars, she has the power of shapeshifting (alternating between her original cat form and the catwoman she usually appears as), though she never uses it on-screen.

Rynith is also a skillful Device Meister, as she has created Bardiche, one of the finest and most powerful Intelligent Devices in the Nanoha canon.


Spells in The Gears of Destiny

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Attack/Basic[unnamed]Jet Smasher
Block/High[unnamed magic arrows]Spin SaberSaber Slash
Catch/Trans.[unnamed wand bomb]Fast StepGuard Step

[Spin Saber variation]
△△EX Attack[unnamed magic spear]---
LFDBPlasma Saber---
RGuardRound Shield---



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