An airscape of Port Town, Ruwella
World profile
TSAB index#23
Japanese nameルヴェラ
First app.Force (ch.1)

Ruwella (ルヴェラ Ruvera) is TSAB-administrated world No. 23. It is featured prominently in the first chapters of Force, since it is where Touma Avenir meets Lily Strosek.


Number 23 is associated with various supernatural or unfortunate occurrences in pop culture, which may have played a role in giving Ruwella its number.

Local customsEdit

Ruwella is a "cultural reservation area", meaning that it is generally devoid of magic and advanced technology of any sort, instead dedicated to the "good old lifestyle" similar to the one on Earth. Unlike on Earth, however, residents of Ruwella are well aware of the existence of magic, and interdimensional communication (and probably travel) is possible via churches.


Ruwella contains following prominent locations:


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