Rocket Punch
Rocket Punch
Spell profile
Primary casterGoliath (Corona Timil)
Magic systemMidchilda
CategoryAttack (Manipulation)
TypeShooting (N/A)
Japanese nameロケット・パンチ
(Roketto Panchi)
First app.ViVid (ch.15)

Rocket Punch (ロケット・パンチ Roketto Panchi) is Goliath's punch-shooting attack. Strictly speaking, it is not really a spell but an offensive ability of Corona Timil through the manipulation of Goliath.

The command phrase of this attack is "Goliath, Purge Blast! Rocket Punch!"

Notable usesEdit

In ViVid (ch.15) / ViVid anime (ep.07), Rocket Punch successfully knocks out Lutecia Alpine and Rio Wesley, with the help of Caro Ru Lushe's Alchemic Chain to keep them in range region.


Drill Crusher Punch (ドリルクラッシャーパンチ Doriru Kurasshā Panchi) is a variation of Rocket Punch. Before launching, Goliath's fingers form a drill-like shape instead of hitting the opponent with the knuckle.[1] It is cast against Einhard Stratos in their Intermiddle match, but is defended by her Spinning Break. In ViVid Strike! (ep.5.5, OVA), Corona also uses it via Meist Arm against Fuka Reventon during their spar, and Fuka manages to break it with her punch.


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