Revolver Spike
Revolver Spike
Spell profile
Primary casterNove Nakajima
Vivio Takamachi
Corona Timil
Magic systemSpecial (IS) (?)
Modern Belka
Magic-enhanced attack
Japanese nameリボルバー・スパイク
(Riborubā Supaiku)
First app.ViVid (ch.4)

Revolver Spike (リボルバー・スパイク Riborubā Supaiku) is a roundhouse kick attack primarily used by Nove Nakajima in ViVid. She usually casts Air Liner right before the attack, so that the kick can be launched from a more critical angle. It may be based on a similar unnamed attack Nove used against Teana Lanster in StrikerS (ep.22).

Vivio Takamachi also uses this attack, presumably learned from Nove, when she is riding on the mana wheels like wearing Jet Edge. During the 0079 Intermiddle Championship, it is also revealed that Corona Timil has managed to imitate Revolver Spike under Nephilim Fist's manipulation.


The naming of Revolver Spike is presumably after the adoption of Nove by the Nakajima family, as "Revolver" is commonly used in the names of her adopted sisters' Shooting Arts attacks.

Notable usesEdit


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