Revolver Gimlet
Spell profile
Primary casterGinga Nakajima
Magic systemModern Belka
TypeMagic-enhanced attack
Japanese nameリボルバーギムレット
(Riborubā Gimuretto)
First app.StrikerS (ep.22)

Revolver Gimlet (リボルバーギムレット Riborubā Gimuretto) is an attack used by Ginga Nakajima when she is brainwashed by Jail Scaglietti as Number XIII.

With the help of the Knuckle Spinner of Revolver Knuckle, Ginga's left palm spins like a drill, allowing it pierce barriers easily. As part of this attack Ginga can also extend her hand out on a short cable.

Such capacity is not originally possessed by Ginga, but acquired when her left arm is remodeled by Scaglietti. Ginga has only used this attack while being brainwashed, presumably because it makes her nature as a cyborg obvious. It is not known whether she retains such ability after the J.S. Incident.


"Gimlet" is a type of hand drill. It may also be a reference to a minor GaoGaiGar villain named Gimlet.

Notable usesEdit

In StrikerS (ep.22-23), Ginga uses Revolver Gimlet as her main attack during her battle against Subaru Nakajima.


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