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Reinforce Zwei
Reinforce Zwei
Device profile
Other namesReinforce II / Rein
MasterHayate Yagami
CreatorHayate Yagami
(and Reinforce[1])
Magic systemAncient Belka
HandlingAuxiliary control
Humanoid Device profile

4 (A's epilogue)
8 (StrikerS)
12 (ViVid)

14 (Force)
Date of birth0067[3]
FamilyYagami family
AffiliationRiot Force 6 (StrikerS)
Marine Defense Force (Force)
Special Duty Section 6 (Force)
RankAir Sergeant (pre-StrikerS)
Air Sergeant Leader (StrikerS)
OccupationSpecial Investigator Assistant (pre-StrikerS)
RF6 Commander Assistant (StrikerS)
MDF Commander Assistant (Force)
Magic colorWhite[2]
Mage rankA+ (Synthetic)
DeviceBook of the Azure Sky
Japanese nameリインフォース(ツヴァイ)
(Riinfōsu Tsuvai)
First app.A's (ep.13)
Voiced bySanae Kobayashi (A's epil.)[4]
Yukana (StrikerS et seq.)

Reinforce Zwei (リインフォース(ツヴァイ) Ri'infōsu Tsuvai, also spelled Reinforce II) is a Unison Device created by Hayate Yagami to succeed Reinforce (Eins), whose memories and personality she now carries. Rein, as she is commonly referred to, is a member of the Yagami family and works for the Time-Space Administration Bureau under Hayate's command. On her first appearance in the A's epilogue she is summoned as a hologram from the Schwertkreuz, though in StrikerS manga and StrikerS she has a solid form. Although Reinforce Zwei is significantly smaller than her namesake and all other members of the cast, barring Agito, she is capable of becoming the size of a normal young child, although since this form uses a lot of power it is not practical for use in combat.


Zwei's name and, indeed, entire concept are most likely a reference to the space carrier Reinforce Junior from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, which was built from the remains of the space cruiser Reinforce and another ship, much like Rein was born from the Linker Cores of the original Reinforce and Hayate Yagami.


Rein is classified as a Unison Device but has also been referred to a "control device" (管制デバイス kansei debaisu), meaning that she helps Hayate organize and control her magic abilities.

In the anime, she is shown capable of unison with other Wolkenritter members (Vita and Signum) to boost them in battle, although because of their incompatibility, their Unisons are not as good as Hayate's, to whom Rein seems particularly well-attuned, as their reaction time delay clocks at just 2 milliseconds.[5]

When unisoned with one of her Lords, their clothes and hair lighten in color: Signum's hair and Knight Clothing become more bluish; Vita's Clothing becomes completely white; and Hayate's hair turns blonde but her clothing does not change. In all cases, the host's eyes change to resemble Rein's, with turquoise irises and pupils.

In A'sEdit

Reinforce II (pronounced "Zwei") first appears very briefly in the A's epilogue. She was created by Hayate from her (and hence, Reinforce's) Linker Core in 0067, two years after the "death" of the original Reinforce.

In StrikerSEdit

Rein is apparently solid, and needs to eat and sleep daily; she has a "room" of sorts in Hayate's bag. She holds the rank of Sergeant Major and serves as Hayate's SNCO/Chief of Staff in Riot Force 6 HQ, the Long Arch. She is also one of the most popular examiners, as stated by Nanoha in StrikerS (ep.1).

In ViVidEdit

Rein only has a few appearances in ViVid, usually alongside her family members. When the Yagamis creates Asteion for Einhard Stratos, she is responsible for its unit base.

In ForceEdit

Hayate and Rein in Force

Hayate and a human-sized Rein in Sailing Force uniforms

In Force, Rein generally assumes the size of a normal human, though she is still shorter and younger-looking than the original Reinforce.

As revealed in chapter 2, Rein is now the Vice-Commander of TSAB Marine Defense Force on Mid-Childa, still working as Hayate's (who is the Marine Defense Force Commander) aide and second-in-command. She makes a brief appearance, telling Hayate that it is time for the "press conference", presumably related to the crisis at hand. She makes another brief appearance in the end of chapter 6, telling other members of Special Duty Section 6 ("SDS6") that she has just informed Subaru that Thoma Avenir is among the culprits they are after. In chapter 7, she receives news that Signum has engaged Cypha of Hückebein and tells Vita that Teana and Fate are already on the way to reinforce her. She then assigns Vita and Nanoha to help, as well.

In the second part of Force, Rein and Lily-Strosek become "master and apprentice" due to the similarity of a Unison Device and a Strosek-series Reactor. When Signum returns from hospital to the base of SDS6, they also encounter each other in a mock battle, both individually and in Unison/React-Engage.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Reinforce Zwei appears in the The MOVIE 2nd A's and Reflection.

Brave DuelEdit

Reinforce Zwei Yagami (八神リインフォース・ツヴァイ Yagami Ri'infōsu Tsuvai) is the younger sister of Eins, as well as one of Yagami family's youngest children combination (alongside Agito).


Besides the abovementioned functionality as an Unison Device, when not in Unison with Hayate or the Wolkenritter, Rein herself also plays the role as a supportive mage. On her own, she holds the Zauber Rank of A+ (Synthetic)[6] and her magic color is white, just like her master's. She uses a blue tome called the Book of the Azure Sky as Device and specializes in ice-based spells.

Knight ClothingEdit

Although Rein holds a Zauber Rank for mages instead of a Ritter Rank for knights, she casts Knight Clothing instead of mage-use Barrier Jacket as her basic field defense. The design of her Knight Clothing is based off the inner clothing of Hayate's Knight Armor, while its spec is adjusted for nimble movements at the expense of defensive power, due to her supportive role.[7]


Like Hayate, Rein also casts certain spells of the Midchildan system, although she does not officially use this system.

Floater FieldMidchilda
Ancient Belka
Modern Belka
Force fieldCircle
FrierenfesselnAncient BelkaCaptureCage
Frigid DaggerAncient BelkaAttackShooting
Physical HealMidchildaSupportIncrease
Ring BindMidchildaCaptureBind
WeichstützeAncient BelkaSupportOther support



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