Red Hawk
Red Hawk
Red Hawk's active form in ViVid anime
Device profile
MasterHarry Tribeca
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameレッドホーク
(Reddo Hōku)
First app.ViVid (ch.21, mentioned)
ViVid (ch.36)

Red Hawk (レッドホーク Reddo Hōku) is Harry Tribeca's Device whose type is yet to be revealed.


Red Hawk appears primarily alongside Harry in ViVid.


Forms Description
Standby Form Takes the form of a short octahedral-tipped chain accessory linked to a ring on Harry's left middle finger.
Active Form Takes the form of a kusari-fundo with a sharpened end, and a red cloth knotted at where the chain connects the weight end. In the anime adaptation, the weight end becomes kunai-like and the cloth becomes white.

It is basically chained on Harry's left wrist/arm, and apparently can enhance the power of her punch strikes. Its chain can also be elongated for mid-range attacks through magic control, or wrapped with Harry's fire in addition to the physical hit.