Reactor Purge
Nanoha's Barrier Jacket about to detonate in order to block Vita's attack
Spell profile
Other namesReactive Purge
Primary casterNanoha Takamachi
Subaru Nakajima
Magic systemMid-Childa
Modern Belka
Japanese nameリアクターパージ
(Riakutā Pāji)
First app.A's (ep.1)

Reactor Purge (リアクターパージ Riakutā Pāji) is the ultimate defensive function of Nanoha Takamachi's Barrier Jacket. When the damage taken by Nanoha exceeds her Jacket's limit, it will "detonate" to counteract a single attack, similar in principle to reactive armour on modern tanks.[1] It is cast in the first battle of A's against Vita's Raketenhammer.

Reactive Purge (リアクティブパージ Riakutibu Pāji) is the same function of Subaru Nakajima's Barrier Jacket, as shown in the combat against Cinque.[2] Likely, the function is also loaded to the Barrier Jackets of other Riot Force 6 Forward members.


Jacket Purge (ジャケットパージ Jaketto Pāji) is a similar spell cast by Fate Testarossa against the tentacles of the Scarlet Dragon, when she is in Sonic Form. This spell "unravels" in a second all the mana used to comprise her Barrier Jacket to cause a blast. It has a significant attack power and can disrupt binding spells. However, she will be vulnerable for a few moments after purging the Jacket, and she requires mana to rebuild it.[3]


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